Asheville, NC/

9C1C4024-0FD4-4512-BF3E-A0ED717A11B3We so enjoyed our stay!💕. We would drink our coffee on the kitchen porch every morning and eat our fruit and cheese with wine in the late evenings out there with little blankets. The afternoons were spent getting to know downtown Asheville. We loved the French restaurant called Isa’s and sat outside watching the people pass by as we nibbled on small appetizers. At the little children’s shop across the street I found the sweetest things for my two littlest  grandchildren. We rode the trolley and heard all the history and funny stories the driver told. We were even lucky to see a mama bear and her cubs while riding. The driver pulled over so people could take pictures, but made us promise we wouldn’t get off the trolley.  We are going back to The Grove Park Inn for an early lunch because we heard some of the other tourist talking about how good it was. We tried and enjoyed the crepes at the Twisted Crepe. I make crepes and like to find new recipes for them. We missed the crepes at  Isa’s because they only serve them on Sunday for brunch. Oh well, next time! We walked all over the city up and down the streets over rough bricked areas eating our chocolate candy rounds. So many chocolate stores if you ran out you could just pop into another one for more. Bought a children’s book at the book store called “Goodnight Asheville” to read to my grand babies. We had coffee at the fancy McDonald’s in the Biltmore Village area because I saw that on TV years ago and heard they had a fireplace inside. ( They do!) 😘.

Goodnight Asheville until next time!




Bacon Crisps/Good for breakfast or snacks

Take out puff pastry rub with egg mixture then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese or shredded pepper jack. Use a rolling pin to push the cheese into the dough. Cut the pastry into 8 strips. Lay a piece of bacon on each piece. Twist, cut in half and brush both sides with an egg wash (1 egg to I tablespoon milk whipped together) to brown the dough. Bake in 375 degree oven on a rack sitting on top of a pan lined with foil for 30 minutes. I like to use maple, brown sugar or hickory smoked bacon.


Carnival supper night/family fun

What’s for supper for this family of 23? Carnival food of course! When you grow up eating Pumpkin Show food every October in Circleville, Ohio you sort of crave it all year. So what’s easier than hot dogs with all the trimmings: chili, mustard, ketchup, shredded cheese, chopped onions and slaw added on top? Slaw is a southern thing but when introduced, the family loved it. To this came pickles on a stick because we all know “there’s no disgrace to having a pickle in your face!” Next came chips with salsa and hot cheese dip and fresh cut jalapeños. Everyone enjoyed the Mexican Street Corn from a previous blog too. The smarties suckers on a stick were especially liked by the kids, young and old! Of course to add a little healthy we put out apples, oranges, grapes, fresh pineapple and cherries. Applesauce in self serve containers came in handy for the little ones. So what do you fix to end this carnival meal?? Cotton candy!! We had blue, pink, purple and yellow!! No one was too interested in the yellow!😳. To end the evening Adam and Lisa brought a blow up screen and projector so we could watch a movie while working off our dinner in the pool👍

We had a fabulous time meeting with other family members from California to New York and several states in between. We found adorable shops and restaurants including day trips to South Port and Wilmington. The ladies, except Rebecca who graciously stayed home to prepare for our girls spa night, especially enjoyed the coffee shop called Bitty and Beaus. Those long walks/runs on the beach and the bicycle rides were braved by many. And the traditional sand castle building where we weren’t sure if Dick was helping David bury himself or helping him to get out. But those are memories we cherish until the next beach trip. Each sunrise and every sunset were more spectacular than the one before.

We all survived another week at the beach together in spite of Heather falling off her water board, (luckily her phone case protected her phone!) Chelsea’s sun burn is getting better. Ashley, Jessica and Natalie made it back to the Wilmington airport in plenty of time to catch their separate flights back home. All the Yaussy’s had to leave a day early to make it to a special wedding, showing up more tanned than their usual skin tone. Adam and Lisa and their kids had to drive on Friday to Chickamauga only to unpack and turn around to go back to Atlanta the same day for a volleyball tournament for Maddy. Brittany went home with Heather to help babysit so Heather and Grady could drive Callie to Jacksonville State in Alabama on Sunday for her week long  band camp. So life as usual goes on. But we were so fortunate to all take this week off to spend time together. It takes us two years to plan another trip like this but it’s so worth it to keep us close and to allow the younger cousins to grow up knowing each other. LaDonna is the one who started this tradition and in her honor we continue!💕





Mexican Street Corn/Chef Paul Smith

Yummy!! This is so good! We are all so lucky that Chef Paul from Charleston, West Virginia was willing to share such a great recipe with us. It’s easy, the way we all like to cook these days, and delicious and fun to eat.

I had this for the first time at David and Rebecca’s wedding/farm party, so when I was asked to fix corn for my nieces’ son’s wedding rehearsal dinner in Kentucky I called Paul, of course. Some chef’s want to act like everything is such a secret. But Paul immediately started telling me what to do. He made me the hit of the party. Thank you, Paul!

Here it is for all of you to try it for your next summer cook out.






Georgia Peaches/Add Pecans for perfect breakfast bread

Georgia is known as the Peach State, and if you’ve ever eaten their fresh peaches when they start coming in, you know why! They are sweet and juicy and you don’t even have to  peel them. Georgia also produces a lot of pecans, and the recipe I share today marries those two ingredients beautifully. But as with many of my recipes, this one comes with a wonderful memory as well.

After my dad died, my mother and brother came often to visit, and they could stay as long as they wanted. Mom enjoyed day trips, so one summer while she was here we drove to Atlanta for lunch. On our way out of town we stopped by the visitors center and picked up a Georgia magazine full of interesting facts about the state and places to visit.  As I drove, mother read aloud to me and, once again, she became the teacher and I the student. We learned how Georgia has mountains for climbing and hiking with enough snow in the winter to do a little skiing, rivers for white water rafting, lakes for boating and fishing and on the east you have the ocean. History is very important, and Georgia schools still teach the Civil War and how President Lincoln, as a Christmas gift, saved Savannah from destruction. As we drove we saw some beautiful southern homes with impeccable landscaping. We both knew more about Georgia now on our drive back than we had known before we started. As she turned to the last page and saw a peach bread recipe, she said it was a must for us to make it in honor of our Georgia day, using the basket of peaches we bought at a road side fruit stand. We all liked it so much she hand wrote it in family recipe book. I found that recipe again today and made this bread using fresh peaches. The bread is wonderful but the memories of that day are even more so.💕




Maple Syrup/Banana Muffins

Pure maple syrup in this recipe is the perfect combination with the bananas. I added chopped walnuts to the muffin mix as well as on the top of the icing. The muffins are even good without the icing but the creamed butter and syrup adds even more maple flavor. I know the recipe says cupcakes but the texture is more like that of a muffin so I’m calling it “Maple Banana Muffins”. Enjoy!

Our friend/Sister by choice


32F655A6-3172-4A5D-92F5-6185A38AB7E7.jpegWhen my sister and I were in junior high and our mother was teaching school there, a terrible thing happened to one of her students.  Her family lost everything in a home fire!  Mom knew how hard it would be for a junior high student to change schools in the middle of the year so she arranged for her to move in with us. There was no money involved, just love. My sister and I were used to having extra people stay with us. It might be family members  down on their luck, or grandparents who could no longer maintain their homes,  or long distant friends who often came to visit. So a young girl moving in with us was a treat. She came from a family with eleven children, and you’d think to loose one for a little while would be a welcomed change. After all, that would be one less mouth to feed, a little less laundry to wash, and one less voice you’d hear arguing with siblings. But it was just the opposite! Even with all those other children around, she was missed terribly. It was the love of her parents that gave them the courage to allow her to stay with us for awhile so she could finish out the school year and start fresh in the fall at her new school. Mother and her teacher friends arranged for clothes to be given to her and, of course, my sister and I were more than happy to share our things as well. Her name was Darlene Adams, and with so many sisters and 2 older brothers, she knew exactly how to get along with all of us without any jealousy. She admired Mom so much and appreciated what she was doing for her that when Saturday’s came and we had  our chores to do, she willingly joined in and made it so much fun. The time flew by.  She was always laughing about something and had us laughing, too.

Since Darlene is one of my best followers and a dear friend, I wanted to share a couple of her recipes and her own memories with you.


Here’s one of Darlene’s family favorites:

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