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  1. Love your blog, LeAnna! As I sat smiling and laughing out loud some, Bob commented that I must be really enjoying your writing! I think this should be the beginning of your first cookbook! Keep up the stories with the mouthwatering pictures, please. Of course, I know Hubby Roy knows the early rising for the CA trip would be rewarded with delicious meals! Wish I could thank Mrs. Cathrine too because by blessing you, blessings have come to us also during our years of friendship eating your great meals.


    • This is a great way for me to combine two of my loves, story telling and cooking. Alycia Tomlinson, my niece, has always encouraged be to do the stories, and Kim Clawson always wanted me to do a food blog. So, this helps me combine the two. I’m having fun. Thanks for reading.


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