Pumpkins are everywhere and I love everything pumpkin! I come from Pumpkin Town, Circleville, Ohio where they have the Greatest Free Show on Earth called Pumpkin Show, of course, where anything possible is made from pumpkin. Delicious concoctions from pumpkin pancakes to pumpkin burgers!! But if you look around there are many other fruits and vegetables that are just as tasty!!! Squash in all shapes and colors and apples in abundance . But people over look the white puffball mushrooms that come up right in their own yards. ☔️After a fall rain, for the next couple of days, these mushrooms pop up everywhere. I took my granddaughters and let them pick them the other afternoon and I allowed them to jump and squash the ones that weren’t perfect. Only prepare the good ones. They need washed very well, take off the thin outer layer and slice. They will be completely white and have a good texture to them. Here’s a couple recipes I use from my brother, Jonathan, who should have become a farmer like our maternal grandfather.

Fried White Puffball Mushrooms🍄

Wash, peel thin outer layer ft
Soak in egg and milk mixture
Roll in flour with salt and pepper
Fry in butter all at the same time because the butter will easily burn

🍄Sautéed Puffball Mushrooms

Wash and dry mushroom, peeling off outer layer and slice in thin pieces

Put in skillet with butter or olive oil

Sauté with garlic and seasoned salt



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