Gaining more than an education 🍌

When I went off to college at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky I learned, like many others, how differently people lived. Until then I pretty much thought everyone lived life the same. For instance in my home Sunday was a holy day made up of going to church. We would all get up, dress a little nicer than we did for school , eat a bite of toast or cereal and head off to Sunday school followed by a church service. After that we all went home and had a lovely dinner in the dining room with Mom’s good china, silver and crystal goblets. She always said her ” good ” tableware was for those important to her and that no one was more important than her family . This was our biggest meal of the week. We’d have a ham or roast with all the trimmings , even dessert, and we sat and ate together, after the blessing of course, and had fellowship with each other for hours it seemed and we looked forward to that all week. There was never supper on those evenings because we had eaten so much during that meal but fruit was always available. The rest of the week was busy for all of us in school and work, mom was a teacher and enjoyed her chosen profession so much and daddy was the editor of a our church denomination’s monthly magazine. So it was help yourself in the mornings and a light supper was always our menu through the week days. This is why in college I was so confused to see students line up at the cafeteria on Sunday evenings. I asked, “What are they doing?” I was told they were going in for supper. And when I answered ” but we’ve already eaten today ” they all laughed at me. Well, since it was part of my meal plan I figured I’d go and see what there was and came out with fruit to keep in my room for the week. Being from Ohio and now living in Kentucky I was introduced to some new ideas for salads that I still enjoy today. I gained more than an education there and here are a couple of the salads I enjoyed. All very easy to prepare and can be done ahead of time.

Slice as many bananas as you will need lengthwise

Cut those lengths in half

Spread with mayo or salad dressing

Top with crushed nuts, I prefer peanuts but any you like will do

Serve on lettuce


1 can halved pears

Small amount of mayo on top

Place shredded cheddar cheese on top of mayonnaise and place a cherry in the center

Serve on a large plate with lettuce



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