On one of my trips to California I was dreading the food choices I would have for something to eat. I’m never organized enough to pack my own and the trip for me is too long to go without! When the airline stewardess came by and handed me the menu folder,I chose the best I could knowing the bread would be too hard and the sandwich itself be too dry but I was hungry so I would suffer through! When my sandwich came tightly wrapped in clear wrap with several layers, I unwrapped it and took a bite. Wow, I thought as I took another bite. To my surprise it was delicious! So I knew exactly what I would order on the way back home. When my trip was over and I was headed home I asked the stewardess for the same sandwich only to be told it was only served during breakfast hours!! Oh well, I remembered it well and here it is for you to try. Thanks Delta Airlines! Think you could serve it all day?



Bagel bread thinly sliced
Spread with cream cheese on both sides
Roasted turkey (not smoked)
American cheese or whatever you like
Slice tomato
Salt & Pepper


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