My Sister’s Fresh Fruit Crepes

My sister I are two and a half years apart in age so we grew up very close. That wasn’t necessarily true at first though. When our mother became pregnant with her I was told I was getting a playmate and when this tiny little thing came along, mom always delivered her babies a month or more early which made all of us even smaller than usual, I wanted to send her back. How could she ever be someone I could play with? She couldn’t feed herself or run around or do anything I liked to do! But as time passed and she grew she indeed became my best friend. We spent summer evenings outside on lawn chairs looking at the stars until we fell asleep. We would get to go stay with our maternal grandparents on their farm in West Virginia for weeks at a time and since we had each other we didn’t get homesick. We would sing together as a family for churches all around our area since our parents were so musical they had many requests and enjoyed sharing their talents that way. We would also spend many hours with paper dolls in our bedroom on Sunday afternoons. When one would get the mumps or chicken pox the other would join in and share the misery. It didn’t matter where our parents would take us because we had each other to be with and that made everything fun. So when my sister fell in love and married a man who lived in California we neither one gave any thoughts about the distance. With phone calls, letters and trips we continued our sisterhood just like it always was. In fact she has introduced to all of us many things like fruits we’d never heard of or seen! Chinese dishes that looked very strange and all the wonderful places we’ve seen in the west is all due to her wanting to share with us the new and wonderful things she’d experienced. For one of our Christmas’s she gave all of us crepe makers and flew in to show us how to use them. You can buy crepes frozen now and it makes this a fun and easy dessert and I even fix them for breakfast sometimes!


You will need the crepes. Lay them flat and fill half the crepe with any combination of fresh fruit. My sister says the secret ingredient comes next and that’s to put a little brown sugar on the fruit. Spray with whipped cream and fold over, add a little more cream on top and finish with a little extra fruit for looks!

Here we are on one of our adventures. We know we don’t look anything alike! But we are exactly alike on the inside!!

5 thoughts on “My Sister’s Fresh Fruit Crepes

  1. Thank you for sharing our story. Even though you and I don’t look alike we are the same inside because sisters are just different flowers from the same garden! I am so grateful that we can keep our past alive because we have each other. We had a very special childhood that was unusually happy and carefree with an amazing amount of love, laughter, music and God. Now as we have grown older we have found that no matter how much time has elapsed or how far we’ve traveled we still share that special common childhood. It has been a pleasure sharing California with you, especially the food! So… what’s for dinner?

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  2. Yummm . . . your blog always makes me so hungry! Thank you for sharing the recipes and the wonderful memories. You really did share a special childhood and I’m so happy your family also reached out to me and let me share some sweet memories with you.

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