Look what I found at the little fresh market close to me?? I didn’t even know they grew that way! All these little sprouts hanging from a single stalk. Even the man selling them said he used to think they were tiny cabbages and felt sorry for the poor farmers that couldn’t wait for the them to grow because they needed the money so badly. Well, I never even liked them myself no matter how many times Mom tried to get me to. My only connection was that my Dad bought a cane made from the stalk when he was in Hawaii one time. It was varnished and with all the knots on it, it was beautiful and made for him many interesting conversations. Since I had never eaten them fresh, it was my duty. I cut the little sprouts off, cooked them in a small amount of salted water for 15 minutes and they were delicious. Mom would be so proud. I added some butter with salt and pepper. Hollandaise sauce, white cream sauce or melted cheese adds a good taste also. I have the stalk hanging to dry so who knows what I will do with it next. Maybe you will see me at craft fairs selling Brussel sprout canes!!





9 thoughts on “BRUSSEL SPROUTS

  1. Hi LeAnna — my first taste of brussels sprouts (as a kid) was at your house! I politely swallowed them trying not to taste them and then drank milk! I wanted to try them again too — and discovered that I do like them; cooked as you said, and then saute’ed in butter until there’s a little brown around the edges. Really good! (Why is it EVERYthing is good with butter?!) 🙂

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  2. Brussels Sprouts- I love them, I cut them in two, toss with olive oil and sea salt put on baking sheets and bake at 400 degrees till they are tender and turn crispy brown…….they are delicious taste like some kind of a unknown, exotic nut.

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  3. Enjoyed reading this Brussel sprout post and seeing the pictures. Kimberly’s friend prepared them baked with olive oil and crisp bacon bits and cheese. They were delicious too.

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  4. I fixed brussel sprouts as a side dish last Thanksgiving in San Francisco. I poured olive oil over them on a cookie sheet and added salt, pine nuts and parmesan cheese and roasted them in the oven at 400 degrees until browned. I served them with freshly cooked crumbled bacon. Delicious!

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