Fried Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving was much different this year but we all tried real hard to have good and happy memories of LaDonna. David even went out and purchased a turkey fryer !! We had so much fun! We created new and delicious tastes to inject into the two turkeys. The one we liked best was equal parts of melted butter, pure maple syrup and white wine. Then on the outside we rubbed cajun spices. After that we put fresh cut potatoes and with all those spices in the oil it flavored the fries! While the oil was still hot David fried a pork roast to have the next day. We certainly got our money’s worth out of that peanut oil we used! LaDonna would have been proud the guys didn’t set her house on fire!


4 thoughts on “Fried Thanksgiving Turkeys

    • This phase of my life has been fun!! I just keep remembering more and more stories and of course they all seem to be centered around food!! Ha



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