LaDonna’s Hot Fudge Sauce. 🎄🎅🎄

LaDonna liked all the holidays, birthdays, vacations, the first snow of the season, David’s first fire in the fireplace, the list goes on and on because she loved life so much. But Christmas had it’s own special place in her heart. She always said the gifts had to be wrapped with the prettiest paper you could find and they had to be topped with just the right bows. Even if she mailed out her gifts, she’d pack the bows in a separate box and label each one so they would be put on the right box at their destination. Her miniature Christmas village grew and grew with each passing year so more tables would have to added. It became a tradition and a competition. One year LaDonna would be in charge and sometimes I would get to help her. She would have diagrams to follow and wanted it to look so real like that of a Thomas Kinkade drawing. Then the next year it would be David and the boys and they would create wrecks and trees falling and roads going to no where. With the twinkling lights now underneath the tables they both looked beautiful. She would put up at least two trees. One in the living room with antique glass icicles that belonged to our Dad and she would take the time to hang the silver tinsel one at a time. The dining room would have garland and glass bulbs and pictures of the boys when they were younger. Candles were burning everywhere and you knew it was Christmas. Besides all her singing engagements and church concerts she still found the time to make her much anticipated hot fudge sauce to give to family and friends. Not that any of us will make it as good or with as much love but I am now sharing it with you. This recipe copy came from a personal cookbook she made for her niece, Heather Atkinson, so I’m sure I’m not giving away her secret.



5 thoughts on “LaDonna’s Hot Fudge Sauce. 🎄🎅🎄

  1. LaDonna’s Hot Fudge Sauce has made Christmas, well Christmas ever since her first batch. My girls grew up anticipating it’s delivery to our house. I even have a recipe card in her handwriting for it that I cherish. It will be different this year… Perhaps room for a new tradition to begin and cooked just the way she did.
    Thanks for sharing this story!
    Hugs and love,

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  2. Since coming in to your family, 13 years ago, this has been one of my favorite Christmas tradition…and I don’t even like heavy hot fudge sauce…normally!! She must sprinkle it with her own little “secret ingredient”…. LOVE! I’m so going to miss that enthusiasm for life she always had, especially right here around the holidays. Love you, LeAnna!

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