What To Feed Company After Christmas

While the guys are frying a turkey for your Christmas dinner, have them fry another one for your “PLANNED-OVERS” after Christmas .

One of my favorites is turkey tetrazzini :




Christmas was wonderful and sad at the same time. Last year when we celebrated our holiday, it was the first one without our sweet mother. She kept Christ in Christmas and continued to do so each day of the year. Her personality had a childlike aspect to it even though she had more proper education than any other woman I knew. She took college courses just for fun and helped others write their thesis whenever needed. But her giggle was delightful and it made everyone smile. She liked the small things in life that a lot of other people miss out on because of being too busy. She enjoyed all music but especially Christmas music. As a child, one of my fondest memories was of her singing Holy Night at our church’s Christmas Eve service.
Now this year we are spending it without our younger sister. It just doesn’t seem right to out live your younger siblings. She, like Mother, had such amazing rich voices that the absence now when singing our family carols is actually haunting!! She would often play her guitar and teach the children new songs to sing and read poems or stories . No one felt like trying to fill her “big” shoes this year. Just too soon.
Heaven’s choir must sound more beautiful than ever now with both Mom’s and LaDonna’s voices singing together!

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