Once Upon A Time There Were Three Little Girls…


And these little girls all went to the same church in the small town of Circleville, Ohio. Their parents were friends and since the congregation was small all the members were very involved. My Dad and Mom were responsible for the music. Mom played the piano while my Dad played an Hawaiian electric guitar. My Irish friend, Joy McRoberts’ Dad had a beautiful Irish voice that we were privileged to hear often on Sundays. My other friend, Thelma McFarland’s parents were head of the missionary department and really had a heart for it. Her Dad also kept candy in his pocket so after church you can imagine where all the children headed. On Sunday get-togethers the families would fix family favorites and our mothers would always prepare the best, we thought. There wasn’t a fast food chicken or BBQ place to drive through and pick up something so we were the lucky generation who got homemade foods everyday. There would be salads and vegetables and meats galore.  It took a whole table just for the desserts . Those Sunday meals would be enough to last all day!! Our friendships have lasted through time,  with our children being friends and now even our children’s children. So for four generations we have all enjoyed each other and these recipes and now I am sharing some of them with you.


Anna Lee Tracy Brevard


Johnny Marzette Recipe


The finished product



Jean Ennis McRoberts

Meringue done

Filled Meringue


Cora Ellen McFarland

Salmon patties:
1 can pink salmon (Mom always cleaned out the bones and any of the skin)
1 egg
1 cup milk
3 Tbsp sofened butter
start with 2 sleeves of crushed Ritz crackers/add more as needed to form firm patties
Salt and pepper to taste
Everything goes in one large bowl and the best way to mix is with your hands.
Form into patties and fry in preheated skillet with oil.  Brown them to your liking.
(They now have the salmon in the pouches with bones and skin removed)



9 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time There Were Three Little Girls…

  1. What a privilege it was to grow up in a small town, in a small church with wonderful Christian parents showing us the way; and it is a privilege to still be friends with these little girls all grown up and continuing with our children and grandchildren. God is so amazing! I have wonderful memories of our mothers, beautiful Anna Lee helping me get through so many things as an adult after my own parents went home to be with the Lord. What a blessing we have been given; thank you Joy for still being a part of my life and LeAnna thank you for sharing these memories and for being my sister from another mother! Love you!

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  2. These are the true testaments of friendship and family…I love that I’m so close with Heather, we have amazing role models. I can’t wait to fix some salmon patties…yum!!! Xxoo

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  3. Leanna, I just read this and loved the pictures. Is that LaDonna your mom is holding? Would you believe I don’t ever remember seeing pictures of her as a baby or toddler!

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