There once was a boy named Jon,
Whose interests were far out and beyond.
The library he loved as he studied and read,
Many hours spent inside as thoughts filled his head.
With all he had learned, he wanted to plant and grow.
Using his hands, he carefully perfected each row
Planting potatoes, kale, tomatoes and Swiss chard
He loved it so dearly, no gardening was ever too hard
He learned and he worked and his passion grew,
Gardening so much he could make a good stew.
As he mastered his art his interests increased,
Preparing recipe after recipe, perfecting techniques.
Pretty soon it was evident, he could cook anything
From Fajita’s to Thai to delicious French Cuisine.



It is ok to recruit help when making the meatballs from scratch. Here is Deedy Marie Crowley, 20 months, already familiar with cooking duties!




I like my soups and stews to have plenty of juice. So just before I put this stew in the oven I add 1-2 cups of water and the rest of the packages of the dry soup mix and gravy together, mix well and add it to the pot.

Thank you, Brenda Touchstone, for perfecting my poem.


  1. WOW! I LOVE the poem, the recipe, and the chef hat. I am not sure I have ever eaten this stew. The next time I come to visit I want Jonathan to fix it. Thanks for sharing another wonderful story

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  2. did not know these thing about jonathon! love the poem, the chef’s hat, the pictures, and can’t wait to try the recipe!
    are there more of these family sories and recipes? i’d love to read them!
    much love to rose carol…drop me a line!

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