My Good Friend Patti

In the early seventies I found myself living in Lexington, Kentucky. The land of magnificent horses and white fences as far as one could see, and beer cheese, yum!! And of course, the very famous Kentucky Derby! The nearest I ever got to the Derby though was helping the many ladies wearing their beautiful hats get ready. I was working in a department store called Dawahare’s , a prestigious store owned by eight brothers. The women would flock there just before heading to the Derby for their last minute purchases to finalize their stunning attire. The Kentucky Derby is held every year on the first Saturday of May. The whole state celebrates this event that is held in Louisville.
This is where I met my friend Patti. She and I were close in age and found we enjoyed the same things. She was the first friend I ever made that wasn’t connected to high school or college. And even though she was just a couple years older than me, I looked up to her tremendously. She was so mature for her age and handled responsibilities I hadn’t even thought of yet. She knew about budgeting and menus and was raising two young children with a husband she adored. She was a perfect homemaker keeping her house so clean I knew I needed to do better and cooking supper for her family every night. She had to time everything just right too so her family could eat and she’d still get to work on time by 5:00. I was always happy when we got the same schedule and we were able to work together. I was still very new at preparing meals so I paid close attention. She made many of the recipes she got from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Adams. Especially desserts!! She has given me permission to share these with you. Also I felt that a Kentucky Derby Chocolate Walnut Pie would be appropriate .



BAKE 350 degrees F.



I know these recipes look very used, well, that’s because they are. Also they are 35 years old and so is our friendship!!

Thank you Patti and Larry Adams !

4 thoughts on “My Good Friend Patti

  1. Well…. You really made me smile and shed a tear remembering those wonderful “new” days of our friendship, days I will always cherish! We learned so much from each other in those newlywed days! As a matter of fact it’s going to snow tomorrow here in Colorado so while Larry is skiing with 2 of our grand babies I told him I’d have one of his favorite meals when he gets home…… Meatball Stew ! How’s that for timing???
    Love you lots, Leanna! Wish we lived closer.

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  2. What a sweet story and she is still married to that man she adored!! I remember Patti when I was going to college in Kentucky Boy time flies The pie looks delicious

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  3. Patti, I am visiting LeAnna this weekend. It has been such a delight to eat slices of your delicious pies! We live in Kentucky again ( Wilmore) so I REALLY like southern pies! My husband and I voted Mrs. Adams coconut cream the best we have eaten!!! Thank you for sharing the recipes with LeAnna and Le Anna THANK YOU for saving me pieces of your pies. I’ll go back to Kentucky fatter but so much happier!

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