When I was in elementary school I met a young girl that looked a lot like me! We both had dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, and about the same height and size. We became friends and soon our mothers allowed us to spend the night with each other . Her mother was a nurse and mine a teacher. The thing I remember most about going to her house was the sweet smell of butter cookies!! Your mouth started watering the moment you entered the door. Her mother must have timed it just perfect to have all those wonderful cookies laying on the kitchen counter tops cooling as we walked in. Yummy!!  As the years passed, Mrs. Jean West became famous in our little town for these sugar creations! They were sweet enough for her hospital patients to eat and soft enough for the people in the nursing homes to enjoy. Everyone who ever tasted them never forgot them. Now Jeannelle West Schlegler , my childhood friend, has offered to share these special cookies with us. Thank you, Jeannelle!!



Jeannelle and granddaughter Macie Spiller continue the tradition.

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