It’s what you do when things don’t go right that counts!!

After you pull out the lights for the windows, you see they are so tangled it takes forever to get them straightened out!! When the lights finally get untangled and you try to replace the burnt out ones, be careful because those bulbs are hard to find!    Then you get out all your special cookie cutters…. And promptly burn and break the first batch! Or you try a new recipe and it fails so badly, the dog doesn’t even want them! These are the days you’re glad to be a Christian. Glad to have the faith that you know tomorrow will be better. We are all born with a desire to keep trying. Watch a baby! I’ve had this blessing many times with my grandchildren when they try to learn to crawl or walk. When they fall, they get right back up and try again and again till they make it. We as adults have a harder time of accepting failure and trying again. Or we can’t let go of the past and miss out on the present. I once heard a therapist give this example and it has stuck with me since. She said, life was like a GPS! When you are headed in a direction and you make a wrong turn, the GPS doesn’t ask you why you made the wrong turn it just tries to find a new path for you to take to get you where you wanted to go in the first place. And it does this all through the trip. Sometimes turning around and sometimes taking new roads. In the end if you follow the GPS, it will get you there. God is like that too. He forgives and best of all forgets. As long as you pray and follow His path you will end up in the right place. So when you fail, just pick yourself up and try again. So as you are traveling on unknown roads and you turn on your GPS to get you where you want to go; do the same with GOD and allow Him to guide you on the unknown roads of life. His concern is about where you are right now and like the GPS, He isn’t worried about where you’ve been.

I want to thank ECI (Equestrian Chaplaincy Int’l. Inc.)  for giving me the opportunity to help in Hungary. The teens there are so excited about the English camps that are held each year for the fellowship and learning of God’s love. They will walk miles and ride trains just to get there. I, of course, came home with an authentic Hungarian Goulash recipe to share and also the special paprika they use. When Bob and Evie Barnard and I came home from being over in Hungary we prepared a luncheon for the mothers of two of the missionaries that are living over there. After all, the mothers are also giving their children and grandchildren to the mission field. That is a sacrifice for them as well. We served Hungarian Goulash and one of the mothers wore a Hungarian vest to the luncheon. We had also brought back pictures and videos for them to enjoy. We Christians need to stick together!

John 3:18 says, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

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