Our son Adam is a math teacher and coach. He gives private lessons in hitting and pitching. He is a Sunday school leader and wonderful, active and patient father of three wonderful children and a loving and helpful husband to his wife Lisa. They met in high school where they were often honored with king and queen of the prom and best couple of the school and other such awards. They both played sports and excelled in their fields, no pun intended! Adam was ace pitcher and was offered several college scholarships as was Lisa for her catcher ability in girls softball. So they choose the same school and went off to college together. They help each other out with everything so when Lisa asked him to drop off a gift to a baby shower for her because she wasn’t feeling well enough to go, he didn’t think a thing about it. He always did things like that. So on his way to a pitching lesson he was giving, he stopped by the house to drop off the baby gift. Greeted at the door by a very pregnant woman he didn’t recognize, he handed her the gift which she was happy to receive. As he looked around he noticed one other man who seemed relieved to see another man joining the ladies shower. A puzzled look soon came upon Adam’s face when he noticed he didn’t know anyone! Since they had both gone to school with their pregnant friend to whom the gift was intended, he said,”I think I’m at the wrong shower!” The women all said that the baby gift was the ticket to the party so he was very welcomed to stay and enjoy the party food. Even though everyone was very nice, he decided he needed to get the gift back and proceed to the right shower which had to be close by. They all had a good laugh as he left his new found friends.

Lisa makes these Pampered Chef peanut butter cookies with Reese peanut butter cups for her kids for special occasions and they love them. She says they are so easy when you’re busy with three kids and a husband!! Just make a batch from any store bought package of peanut butter cookies and roll into small balls. Place these balls in a small muffin tin. Make a hole in the dough and put the peanut butter/chocolate drops in each tin. Bake as directed and let cool.  ENJOY!


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