Alaska/Grilled Salmon



I’ve been to the other side of the world and back! That’s actually how I feel about Alaska. It’s never been a trip I wanted to make but one on my husband’s bucket list ever since a friend of ours, Rick Ward, came back from a trip with his Dad and brothers and tons of pictures and stories to tell. The night before our trip began our daughter, Heather Atkinson, brought us the movie “The Proposal” to watch all the scenes of Alaska in it. It was very nice but made us cold so I got out my long black fake fur coat which became my best friend in the cool and rainy weather we were going to be in for the next week.

I did not see Indians passed out in the streets because they could not hold their alcohol or Eskimos living in igloos or moose running loose everywhere like I had read about.  But I did see tall black spruce trees, ice glaciers and mist hanging around the high mountains. I met friendly people who liked sharing their lifestyle and this part of our country they love. Like the T-shirts they sell here that say, “Alaska, the last frontier.” You feel that the moment you arrive. You can call out and hear your echo. Or taste the rain as it falls and not be afraid of pollution. It doesn’t have to be snowing to take a dog sled ride and the dogs are always ready and anxious to run. Part of our group went fishing and were nice to share their catch of fresh salmon and halibut. I didn’t even know how much I liked salmon until now. They do have things on the menu that might surprise you though. But we tried to be a sport and not turn up our noses to what was offered.

The wild life with bears, wolves, moose and buffalo are expected, and you watch closely to get a glimpse  of a whale. And if your quiet and listen for the calving of a glacier, which sounds like a cannon in the distance, then see the piece of ice floating with the ocean.

Yep, I didn’t want to go, now I can’t wait to return.



9 thoughts on “Alaska/Grilled Salmon

  1. Welcome back! Your pictures look wonderful. It looks like it was quite an adventure. It reminds me of when I went to the Jungfrau in Switzerland, the highest mountain in Europe. It was a winter wonderland of eternal snow with an ice palace and sculptures built into a glacier and a restaurant that was on top of the world. I will also never forget going dog sled riding!


  2. What beautiful picture’s, like you its never been high on my list of places I wanted to visit but after
    seeing your picture’s I might have to change my mind. I would probably starve ( remember I don’t like fish…only shrimp and lobster) but Jim would be in heaven and I’ll have to print your recipe for him. Glad you had a wonderful time, and thanks for sharing.

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  3. Alaska is on my bucket list too! Your parents really loved their Alaskan cruises, didn’t they?! When did you and Roy go? (The recipe sounds so good — we love salmon too.)

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  4. So beautiful! I’m like you Leanna….NOT my bucket list, but after seeing the pictures and hearing your stories…MAYBE😜. Glad you liked our “Colorado” Salmon!🎿🎣

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