The Third Week Of October



Every year my home town of Circleville, Ohio is like “Brigadoon”. When growing up the Pumpkin Show would take a few days to set up, not to mention the months before for all the clubs and churches to get their foods and arts and crafts prepared. The floats alone took weeks but I’ve never seen parades better and I’ve lived in several other cities and states. The rides are exciting and the smells make your mouth water. It’s truly a homecoming where families and friends can once again meet and walk the streets and eat till you think you’re going to pop. The many different creations made from pumpkin will blow your mind!  And  each year a new one is introduced. You can start with pumpkin pancakes in the morning and end with pumpkin pie at night. All day the pumpkin burgers, pumpkin soups and many more pumpkin concoctions will keep you from being hungry. And there are exhibites from one end of the town to the other. Contests to see who made the best pie or cake or who grew the best and biggest pumpkin. Or the winner of the prettiest quilt. Even the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts get to show their talents. But come Sunday morning as we would drive to church, it was all gone! Not even a napkin blowing in the crisp fall air. How did they do that?  It has grown a lot since then and it may not be all gone as it was, but as a child you’d wonder, was all that festivity really there just a day ago?


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