Fall gardens, just in time for Thanksgiving.Fresh Green Beans

 image I’m not a farmer nor have I ever been very good at gardening but this raised bed my son, Adam, built for me for Mother’s Day last year has been just the bee’s knees!! I can plant and grow things without it killing my back. So when my brother, Jonathan suggested us planting green beans at the beginning of September I thought nothing would come from it. Well, to my delight we have had several pickings already and beans are still growing. So the next time it will be for the Thanksgiving meal. With my trusty helper, Deedy, two and a half, beside me we pick them, wash them and boil them with plenty of water for an hour and a half. Putting bacon or bacon grease and salt and pepper in the pot is all you need. I add some butter before serving them and they melt in your mouth. They are that good. Jonathan said he bought bush stringless green bean seeds.image

Whipping Cream Pound Cake/No Story


No story this time just a great and I mean delicious vanilla pound cake! I don’t remember when I cut this recipe out to save, but it’s been years. I am the recipe keeper and I knew from reading the ingredients it would be really good and it is. Perfect for any holiday or a special gift. You could change the flavoring by adding lemon or almond or add small chopped nuts but it’s wonderful just like it is! Serve plain or top with fresh fruit! Enjoy!!

The Christian Gentleman I Knew As My Daddy/ Date Shakes 


Rev. P. Lewis Brevard

There are so many fun and good things that I will  say of our “Daddy”, Paul Lewis Brevard. He was the only child of Joel and Callie Brevard, born with a separated lip and cleft palate. But his parents made sure he never felt sorry for himself, and they did a good job of this, too. He told me that on his first day of junior high, kids were making fun of him and he went home crying day after day until his father told him enough was enough! My grandfather, Pap as I called him, said “you come home one more day crying, I’m going to spank you hard enough you’ll have something real to cry about.” So the next day when he went to school and the same teasing happened, he knew he had to take care of things for himself. So he did. He gathered up all the courage he could muster and tore into the boy who was doing the most teasing!! When my dad did this with all he had, he won the fight. And he said from then on, that boy became his best friend, and he never had to fight again because his friend would do it for him. With that hurdle behind him he could concentrate on other things he enjoyed. He found out he had a natural talent for playing the guitar, and play he did. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania could hear his music from one end of the city to other. The more he played the better he became. He could play by ear and read the notes. He played in high school and college, forming groups and traveling to Cuba and other foreign countries. He even played at the Grand Ole Opry with other guitar greats like Chet Atkins. Once he was asked to be in Hank Williams band, but he chose to go the Christian route instead .


The trio is Barney Pierce, Buford Cruise, Lewis Brevard

He was always happy and loved to play jokes on people. On his 21st birthday he was standing at the bottom of his parents stairs calling up to them saying, “Mom, Dad there’s a man down here!! Hurry!!” His father came running down the stairs, past my dad, looking franticly and turned back to asked my dad, where ? My Dad said pointing to himself, “right here, Dad. I became a man today.”

After college in N.Y. he went to Cincinnati, Ohio to God’s Bible School, and that’s where he met my mother. She had heard him play on the radio when she was in high school in West Virgina, and when she heard him again she remarked to a friend how much she enjoyed his music. The girl said, “I know him and he’s playing right now at the radio station. Would you like to go meet him?” Well, you already know her answer, and meet him she did!  They eventually married and moved to Circleville, Ohio where he managed the printing office for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union. Along with this, he continued to play his guitar as much as he could, going from church to church all over Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and sometimes to several other states as well. We as a family would go along with him and sing and mom would play the piano. This was a fun family activity we enjoyed together for many, many years.

Through the years Dad would get the chance to work in Washinton, DC, for the government printing office, and we almost moved there. But after doing this job for awhile he decided it would be better for us kids to grow up in Circleville, Ohio so he returned to the publishing department there. He also was given the chance to work in Columbus for the Weekly Reader and enjoyed that until they wanted him to move to Connecticut. He had grown up in a large city, Pittsburgh, Pa. and now enjoyed the smaller city life. So again, he turned that down. He was a happy man and I think the decisions he made through his life came with a lot of prayer first.

Paul Lewis Brevard, Lew to most people, was known as a Christian Gentleman who wore a black hat with his suit, had a song in his heart and a joke in his pocket.image

In 1946 when Mom and dad were on their honeymoon in Southern California, they drove by this quaint little place called Orange Inn. They were advertising “date milkshakes”. Who had ever heard of that unless you lived in California? Immediately they drove in and drank one! It became my Dad’s favorite milk shake forever.image

 A date farmer in Southern California created it in 1930. It is very tasty and very rich so you don’t need a large one! For your information, every year in Indio, California in February there is a date festival, featuring, of course, date shakes! Anyone want to go? Let me know and we’ll go together.

image image

November 2015

 Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go… just as the song says, as a child that’s how we spent Thanksgiving. We lived in Ohio and drove through many winding roads to get to our grandparents farm in West Virginia. In our family Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Of course, we love Christmas but Thanksgiving comes with less worry of having the right presents for everyone and all the traditions that go with that. So at Thanksgiving we can concentrate on each other and play games around a big table and go to the movies after the wonderful, ever so filling Thanksgiving meal. When returning home we heat a plate of leftovers that taste every bit as good as the first round. The turkey, of course, is the center of it all, whether fried like the guys did last year or baked for hours with all the tasty ingredients inside. It’s always perfect! And then come the sides. These are just as important as we study all year to find new ones and make the old traditional dishes that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without. Many years ago after my sister, Rose Carol, got married and moved to California and I was married living in Tennessee, we called each other to give good wishes and in talking found out we had prepared the very same meal, vegetables and all. Growing up in Ohio we both had fresh broccoli and corn and a relish tray just like our mother had fixed. As the years rolled along her California influence has added more fresh fruit and shrimp in her recipes and my husband being Southern introduced fried okra and pickled okra to our relish tray. And now that I have a southern daughter in law, she says no respectable Thanksgiving meal would be served without homemade macaroni and cheese. So you see, we all search all year for something new to try and here are a couple of tried and true for you to add to your table. And please send me any of your favorites to share.imageimage