Fall gardens, just in time for Thanksgiving.Fresh Green Beans

 image I’m not a farmer nor have I ever been very good at gardening but this raised bed my son, Adam, built for me for Mother’s Day last year has been just the bee’s knees!! I can plant and grow things without it killing my back. So when my brother, Jonathan suggested us planting green beans at the beginning of September I thought nothing would come from it. Well, to my delight we have had several pickings already and beans are still growing. So the next time it will be for the Thanksgiving meal. With my trusty helper, Deedy, two and a half, beside me we pick them, wash them and boil them with plenty of water for an hour and a half. Putting bacon or bacon grease and salt and pepper in the pot is all you need. I add some butter before serving them and they melt in your mouth. They are that good. Jonathan said he bought bush stringless green bean seeds.image

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