This is another, Tale of Two Cities!!/

imageI had the opportunity to market rental properties in Northern Kentucky several years ago. Located along the Ohio River were two of the cutest little cities that ever were situated right beside each other. You’d think they would be a lot alike but it was actually just the opposite. When you got off the interstate the first city would remind you of some of the Eastern cities I have visited where women would wear their pretty hats and smart suits to go to lunch or to all the meetings for the town. There were a lot of churches, all denominations, throughout the entire city. They have a lovely visitors center and a library in one of the oldest buildings in town where a resident cat lives and roams around at night. The cat was even written up in some magazine they proudly display at the front desk. So when marketing to them I would wear a Sunday morning suit and little hat I had from my grandmother that made me feel like I fit right in. I’d go to lunch and drink tea and get invited to their Sunday school and church functions. They were a little bit snooty but very proud of their city none the less.

Then right next door, I mean you literally walk across the street and you’d think you were in a different country altogether. This city was asleep during the day and very quiet and awake all night! As many churches as their neighbors had, they had night clubs and strip joints and music playing all night!  So to market to them, I’d take off my grandmother’s hat and jacket, pull down my hair and roll up my skirt. I’d change my pearl necklace and earrings to big godey jewelry that made noise when you moved and earrings that would swing back and forth. These people were just as nice and had lots of fun, they just had different life standards. There was more of an Italian influence in this city and it was reflected in their bakery. This bakery was a must for mornings because their baked goods went great with your coffee! And years ago when Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman made their famous movie “Rainman”  part of it was filmed in a little Italian restaurant that is located in this city. Without mention you already know we ate there as often as time would allow. So it is natural to share an Italian recipe in honor of the many happy times spent in these cities.imageimage

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