Spring has sprung/Wilted lettuce salad


 Funny thing happened the other day when I took my little granddaughter, Deedy almost three, named for her mother’s sister, to the garden. Spring has appeared and you can see it in the flowering trees and the second generation lettuce that is coming up. Deedy loves the outdoors and was so excited to be there. Immediately she started helping me cut the lettuce leaves because she knew we’d wash and use them in something good to eat. As I looked at her I could see myself as I was at her age and felt a presence of my maternal grandmother in me. I could see my grandmother’s brown hair pulled up in a loose bun with dainty ringlets of her hair falling around her face and blowing in the wind. She always wore an apron with pockets. What a good idea! She had an apron for everything. One for the garden and another one for the kitchen and a completely different one for dusting. They came in pretty flower prints and some were solid pastel colors.I guess that’s why I’ve always liked aprons so much. I spent a lot of time with my “Grandma Dessie” helping her in the garden and kitchen like Deedy is now helping me. Here is my grandmother’s wilted lettuce salad and dressing recipe.


8 thoughts on “Spring has sprung/Wilted lettuce salad

  1. Aww! I love the picture of grandma Dessie and Moredaddy! I can definitely visualize you and grandma on her farm and the similarity in you and Deedy. You all have that Indian look. Olive skin, curly hair and big brown eyes. Thanks for sharing her wilted lettuce salad recipe.

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