Brain Foods/Blueberry Pancakes

img_4697 There is this funky place I like to go eat. Not many people want to go with me because it’s in an old house with tiny tables and bar stools and it’s very crowed. Like Yogi Berra always said ” no one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded!” Anyway there are steps to climb and so much stuff on the wall it could give you a headache. But…. the food!! Their pancakes are thick and covered with fruit and powdered sugar. They have wonderful shrimp and grits too and omelets just to mention a few other items. Well, the last time I bribed someone to go with me I saw they had the pancake batter in a box for sale. I purchased one and have had it on the shelf for a long while. Pancakes have never been my forte.  I burn one side or the other and often they are still doughy inside. Not like my friend, Anne Underwood, who can make them all turn out just perfect. Well, today is state testing day for all of Georgia’s schools and for a week my son Adam and his two older children, Austin and Maddy have been sharing the knowledge of brain foods. Austin thought that an omelet with flaxseed and fish and nuts and blueberries would be just the thing. But I decided it was time to take this Aretha Frankenstein’s mix out of the closet and do my best. Pancakes with blueberries and a little flaxseed served with walnuts and blackberries on the side. Sausage for protein and milk to drink. My pancakes turned out delicious  just not as thick as the ones you buy there. Come visit and if you dare to go with me, I’ll drive!! Rachel Ray headed straight to Aretha Frankenstein’s on her visit to Chattanooga. And she showed us how much she loved these pancakes in her interviewimage.image.jpegA mess worth making!! Yum!!

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