It’s all in the broth/Turkey and kale soup

image.jpegIt doesn’t really matter what you put in your soup as long as the broth is fantastic. Of course, I really like my soups and stews to have plenty of juice. This is where the real taste comes from when all the meats and vegetables and spices blend while they simmer on the stove. The kitchen takes on the aromas and your nose knows what’s cooking. I think this is where so many memories come from too. I know if I’m making chicken noodle soup with fresh veggies, I think of my grandmother and all the garden vegetables she would use from her farm. If I’m making a Cajun soup it takes me to New Orleans where I got to work for a while and learned my appreciation for their hot spices. And if I’m fixing anything with seafood and creamy sauces I think of my sister, Rose Carol, and all the times we’ve spent in her kitchens in California. Since kale is now being pushed as a good health vegetable to eat and I have this turkey in my freezer, wrapped and bagged  very well so not to get freezer burned, I’m using it to make a healthful and delicious soup for the day. And yes, as it cooks and my kitchen again begins to absorb the flavors and smells, I think of my brother-in-law, David Yaussy and his band of merry men, Grady Atkinson, Brandon and Cameron and Dick Yaussy and my son, Adam as they fried this turkey in David’s outside turkey fryer he so willingly carried to Georgia from West Virginia just to help make our Christmas here even more exciting.image

7 thoughts on “It’s all in the broth/Turkey and kale soup

  1. I love making soups, when I make my Mom’s veggie soup I can see her standing at the counter, in her red plaid apron, cutting up the vegetables, adding the tomatoes, tasting and adding a pinch more salt and pepper, stirring and then just letting it simmer and fill the house with those wonderful smells. It may sound crazy , but I always talk to her when I’m making it now saying “ok Mom how is this, let’s make it a good pot of your soup” , makes me feel her with me and the soup turns out extra yummy! Great memories!


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