Lettuce, Lettuce and Lettuce Wraps

imageOk, the garden is planted from little plants the Gordon Lee High School agricultural class grew from seeds. I did this last year and I feel it helps them and I’m always happy with the results. We decided to concentrate on heirloom tomatoes and other good names like mortgage lifter and cherry tomatoes. Also a few Swiss chard plants and several kinds of hot peppers. I love cooking with herbs so we have thyme, basil, parsley and some oregano and mint that came up from last year. Well, since I’m not a real farmer you can imagine how surprised I am to still have this second generation lettuce growing. It’s growing everywhere. Lettuce from the raised beds have started growing even in the grass now. I was brought up never to waste anything so I’ve been very busy making salads, sandwiches and using big pieces of the beautiful green lettuce leaves under anything like chicken salad and pear salad and whatever else I can think of. So now I’m onto Asian lettuce wraps. Maybe I will double the leaves! This is a great recipe. Easy to make and fun to eat. Oh, and have plenty of napkins handy.image

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