Family Camp at the Beach/Keylime Pie

When a family gets together at the beach you can expect the numbers to grow as the years pass. This year was 27. LaDonna started this tradition and she would be proud to know her efforts were not in vain. She loved the beach and all the sun and sand and salt that went with it.


As we all checked into our large duplex with eight bedrooms and sleeping for 25, we scrambled to find the right room for each group. A couple of us found sleeping buddies and that made for late night talks and giggles.

We divided the meals so no one had to be responsible for them all. Which was good since we made overnight blueberry oatmeal for 20 at a time and scrambled eggs or omelets using about 2 dozen eggs each morning.


You never knew who was in the kitchen making those frying pan sounds until you got there! Lots of thanks to a new member of our group, Rebecca, who had our two coffee pots ready to turn on after getting them ready the night before!

We did go out a few times to eat, but with a group this size, there aren’t tables big enough. Ha! Of course we broke up into smaller groups from time to time so we could visit more easily. And the evenings in the beach chairs watching the sun set allowing our feet to tip into the salty water was mesmerizing .


Between jogs and walks on the beach, the townhouse pool was a cool distraction. And when you got cool enough you could get into the hot tub!

There were movies and games and books to read. Everyone brings the books they have read throughout the year so if you chose a book to read and didn’t have time to finish, you could take it home with you.

As the week progressed, our dessert cravings were satisfied when Lisa made brownies and Jessica and Alexis fixed peach cobbler. And when I found a recipe for Keylime pie in a drawer in the kitchen, I had to make it as well! Here’s the recipe…


Mix together in a bowl 2 cans sweetened evaporated milk, 1/2 cup sour cream, 3/4 cup lime juice, a heaping tablespoon grated lime zest and several drops green food coloring. Pour into a prepared graham cracker crust and bake at 350 degrees for about ten minutes. DO NOT BROWN!  Put in refrigerator until cool. Add thinly sliced lime and serve with whipped cream.



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