Once a foster parent, always a foster parent/4 layer chocolate cake

During the holidays you hear in church and see on TV the stories of people helping people, and everywhere you go they are asking for your change to help the needy , but rarely are you personally involved. Well, not this Christmas. A past foster child of ours has run into some bad luck where he’s lost his job and is living with a disabled friend not much better off, except he does have a roof over his head, well barely. So I went into immediate action! First I hired him to do a little work around my house to give him some instant cash. He has no car so I had to pick him up and take him home. On the way home I thought I’d stop by a church to get him some food for him, only to find out that they give all their food to the food bank. I’d been seeing the food bank drives on TV and all the food others were donating. So I thought “a piece of cake”, pun intended!  I got the number from the church and called right away. I heard on the line a recording stating that there was a three month waiting list….for food! I thought to myself someone would be dead at the end of that waiting period if they had no food to begin with. Plus when someone has no food and no car, how are they supposed to make the miles and miles walk to where the food bank is to get this food. To me this sounded all backwards. Instead of the churches giving to the food bank, the food bank should be giving to the churches in areas where people could walk from home to get this food. So what to do now!! I called my children and husband. Like ghost busters they went into action!! My son talked with his school and was able to get a very nice back pack filled with canned goods with poptop openers, and when our friend was unpacking the cans to give my son back the backpack he was thrilled when he found out he could keep it too. Adam, my son, involved kids his with this project and they found out first hand what it meant to help out a very needy person. You can imagine the questions Adam had to answer. Then his wife, Lisa, used Facebook and sent out a “help” call to see if anyone knew of dentists in the area that could help our friend with new teeth. When our friend lived with us he was a teenager and he had the most beautiful teeth of any of the children we cared for. Now, sadly from his life’s choices his front teeth are gone completely and the rest are rotting out. Lisa has received some information and we are currently working on getting him new teeth which will open up new job possibilities. My daughter in the meantime contacted her church and she was able to get a large basket full of fresh foods like a ham and cheeses and bread and she promptly delivered it to him taking her children along to see this process unfold. Between all of us this holiday has turned out well for our needy friend. Maybe we can’t reach all the needy in town but at least we can start with one. I’m so proud of my family and I know it was more of a learning experience for my grandchildren than any of the words they’ve heard in Sunday school and youth. 

11 thoughts on “Once a foster parent, always a foster parent/4 layer chocolate cake

  1. you’re just like your mother and your daddy, your grandparents, and I’m sure like your great grandparents . . . always reaching out to the poor and needy. GOD BLESS YOU!


  2. This is such a wonderful story because Adam and Heather involved their kids just like you involved them when they were growing up, children learn what that live. Bless you friend

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  3. This is a beautiful story LeAnna and how all your family jumped in to help this young man that needed love along with physical things. this world needs more people like you my friend. How is he doing now

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