Kumquats/Small Oranges?

IMG_7732When my friend, Anne Spicer Underwood, moved to Florida last year, she had no idea she had a kumquat tree. This year all these little orange balls have appeared. Well, after finding out they are edible fruits we engaged into the Internet to find out what to do with them. Since they come from Chinese there are several recipes like Duck a L’Orange, but we don’t cook with duck very much so we kept looking. We found recipes galore. Jellies, jams, salsas, marmalade just to mention a few. And to eat them straight off the tree is good too. The peel is sweet and thinner than an orange. We have decided the best way is to make them into a sauce with a little sugar and water and red peppers 🌶 for the spicy lovers and serve it with meats. Here’s a great recipe for a pork roast.

But remember it makes a great sauce on ice cream and instead of making a keylime pie, next time try fixing a kumquat pie!!





10 thoughts on “Kumquats/Small Oranges?

  1. The same thing happened to me when I moved to Bel Ar, California 21 years ago. I found a kumquat tree in my front yard. They were tart with small seeds. We would just pop them in our mouth. Then 10 years later we moved to Santa Barbara and I found a kumquat tree in my front yard. They were the same color but a little bit bigger, sweeter and had a large seed. We munched on them as well. Thank you for the great recipe.

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