You can’t always trust what you see. 

IMG_9440While I’m here in Spain I knew I needed to buy some extra toilet paper, and I thought I’d pick up the prettiest paper I saw. Well, pretty it is but it feels like the cheap paper towels you find in gasoline stations.  Not a good choice if you know what I mean!

Then on another occasion as we were traveling to see this spectacular country of Spain, we stopped for gasoline..oops, I mean diesel which is  used in the car I’m driving. And being a little hungry, we bought a snack to eat in the car. Doesn’t this pimento cheese sandwich look great?  As I took a bite, a puzzled look came over my face, but I thought I’d try another bite just to be sure. Not being able to read the ingredients written in Spanish was a problem. So I got out my phone with its Spanish to English translation app. Low and behold, I was eating crab salad. I was so wanting pimento cheese, and the crab was not fulfilling my needs at the time.

So when in Spain, don’t trust your eyes to do the translating for you! Get out that translation app!  💃💃

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