Home Spa Day/Cucumber Sandwiches with bean sprouts

IMG_9891After all the wonderful traveling we’ve be doing to see this spectacular country of Spain it was time to stay home and have a spa day! The sun is so hot you need to drink plenty of water and wear good shoes. 👠👠(ha). We used a stress reliever mask with minerals from the sea, put cucumbers on our eyes and covered ourselves in an olive oil based lotion. For lunch we ate cucumber sandwiches (not the same ones we used on our eyes, my husband said that would be taking recycling a bit too far) with cream cheese and bean sprouts on white bread that comes here with the crust already cut off. I added the bean sprouts because years ago when my sister and her husband George used to take us sailing in the Pacific Ocean she would pack our lunch and add bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts to our sandwiches and I remember the crunch would enhance  the enjoyment of our sandwich. To our water we added cucumbers, lemon and mint. The cucumbers are excellent for rehydration and contain anti-inflammatory properties. The lemons boost your immune system and help with digestion and the mint aids the stomach as well but also add sweetness without adding sugar. They are good together or separately. IMG_0145


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