A Farm Party/Surprise Wedding

IMG_1074This is a new one for me and I’m sure for a lot of us. Everyone was graciously invited to a Farm Party at the old Salt Works farm in Malden, West Virgina. This was known as “the salt making capital of the east” during the 1800’s. Today 7 generations later the family of William Dickinson is still carrying on the tradition of making the perfect salt any famous chef would be proud to use. The owners even give tours of the salt mines here in the Appalachian Mountians. So all of us were anxious to come to this farm party. The food offered went right along with the farm theme. There were long picnic tables and bales of hay to sit on for extra seats. The chicken was fried with tender care so not to burn. A whole pig was roasted, which was not my favorite thing, but I must admit it was delicious especially with the choices of sauces you could add. The caterers prepared roasted asparagus, roasted fresh tomatoes and squash. The alfresco pasta had enough cheese it tasted like a fancy macaroni and cheese and the spinach salad was served with all the right things in it to make your tongue dance for joy.  But the very best thing of all, I thought, was the fresh corn on the cob with a Parmesan butter and herb mix.  All of this came with corn bread muffins. People ate and fellowshiped with each other while the band played and sang country songs. It was a bit strange to see a photographer walking around taking lots of pictures though but then who doesn’t like pictures to post on Facebook immediately after any event. So the afternoon went on with kids playing dress up and (a few adults) from a big chest filled with hats and other attire and corn hole games went on all afternoon.  At the end of the day an announcement was made that the desserts were being served in another building very close and everyone would have to go over there. And the announcer pointed to where to go. Then he said “now on your way to the desserts you will have to pause for a few minutes to witness a short but very special wedding on the steps of the building.”  And there stood Rebecca McPhail and David Yaussy who had managed to sneak off and change clothes. A  sweet and happy ceremony was seen by all. ❤️







8 thoughts on “A Farm Party/Surprise Wedding

  1. Beautifully written LeAnna! You made me cry; I am so happy for David. Such a wonderful day they planned! I dream of LaDonna often and she was in my dream last night again. We were at a party; maybe she and I were celebrating together with all of you ❤️😊

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  2. Not sure about that whole pig thing but looks like it was a great day to celebrate ! Congratulations to David and Rebecca, wish them many years of happiness. I’m glad they pulled it off and surprised everyone !

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