Once a flourishing garden/Now just a bed of dirt

My little brother grew up to love nature. When he was here everything grew to its potential, but a year ago today it all ended. I believe that the things you enjoy on earth will be even greater when you get to heaven. So when I open those golden gates I will see gardens as far as my eyes can see. He won’t have to use his wheel chair to tend to it either. One of his favorite things to make was fresh salsa. All he did was chop onions, peppers, tomatoes and a few hot peppers together and the juices would all blend together to make a perfect salsa. Add a little salt and pepper to bring out the flavor and squeeze a lemon or lime for taste and to help hold the colors. Some fresh celantro is good, if you like it. 

Aww, Fall…../ Peach cheesecake 

It may not be Pumpkin but it’s the right color. I live in the peach state and when they are ripe it’s time to eat them. This is a cheesecake made from a mix. I try to use as many fresh ingredients as possible when I do this so I added 4 tablespoons of butter to make it richer and topped it with fresh peaches. Then crumble extra graham crackers on top. You can serve it in dessert dishes too. Add some more whipped topping as you serve it. 🍑