My younger sister, LaDonna

3436A92E-2148-4ED9-BFC1-924CDDDA50D0.jpegHer name was LaDonna, and she surely lived up to her name, which in Italian means “The Lady”. She went through life abiding by the rules. She didn’t break the speed limit or  eat food past its date. She worried way more than she should have about her three boys or as the announcement of her third son said “My Three Sons”. This is her fourth birthday she in heaven. How does a young woman who exercises, eats right and has everything to live for die so young? She never took drugs or smoked, like the saying goes, “life isn’t fair”.

11 thoughts on “My younger sister, LaDonna

  1. LeAnna, know you miss her everyday. She was one of a kind, as are all of Anna’s daughters. Sometimes it’s so hard to understand God’s plans. Happy Birthday LaDonna .

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  2. I remember the day that beautiful baby girl was born, the year your mother was my teacher. From the start, LaDonna was always so vibrant and full of life and she lived life to the fullest, filling it with music and smiles and fun. Happy Birthday in heaven, LaDonna, in that place where you never grow old.


  3. She was so proud of that announcement. It won an advertising award. You drew that card with the pictures up through a cardboard sleeve that had a cutout that looked like a television, so that each boy could star in turn. She thought that each of her boys was a star. (You can hear their eyes rolling right now.)

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    • It was a very special card! I heard from each of the boys yesterday. 💕. Cameron’s thought was he was so proud that people were still remembering. I told him that was easy because she was unforgettable !


  4. You are so right! LaDonna was a beautiful high school friend we will never forget. Always the role model for doing things properly. We loved staying caught up through the years whether it was weddings, running into her during her visits back “home” for the Pumpkin Show or through our annual Christmas letter exchanges. A caring, sweet smile lost too soon.

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