Egg Cups/No Carbs

Since we happen to have a generous supply of eggs from our happy, healthy roaming chickens I’m always looking for more recipes using eggs. This morning I fixed baked eggs in muffin tins. First spray the muffin pan with your favorite oil, then line each tin with pepperoni or Canadian bacon or ham. Then break an egg into the pan and top with tomato slices and basil. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes. It’s that simple. You can add cheese if you like and other toppings. This can be fun to let your guests make their own too just the way they want it. We had it for breakfast with our coffee but brunch is good also.

8 thoughts on “Egg Cups/No Carbs

  1. you can also scramble the egg with some chopped onion, green pepper, ham — even broccoli, and bake it. Melt some cheese on top. They can be frozen and then microwaved later. I was wondering if you have any problems with hawks with your free range chickens. Sharon has lost several of her hens to hawks when they’ve been out of their fenced/covered area.

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    • We loose some from time to time so maybe that is what’s happening. I lock them up at night. Does she? I love fixing things ahead especially when there’s a crowd. Thanks for another great idea, Darlene!💕


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