Royal Weddings/An excuse for a tea party

Ella, one of my granddaughters, was so excited to see the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan that she set her alarm for 4:00 a.m. so she wouldn’t miss any of the beginning preparations. The rest of us decided to video it and watch it while we had an English Tea lunch, complete with pimento cheese, egg salad, and cucumber and tomato sandwiches, crust off, of course.  The lunch was capped with short bread cookies Heather, my daughter, made from a recipe she got from her Aunt LaDonna. Granddaughter Callie helped with moving a table in front of the TV. And fitting the occasion, she crowned it with a lace tablecloth and their best china. Ella prepared the Earl Gray tea which was left steeping in the pot as we donned our grandmother’s finest hats and turned on the recording of the wedding. Ella was just as excited to see it for the second time and was happy to narrate  to us so we wouldn’t miss anything. Henry, my little grandson, slept through most of it but woke up at the last minute, just in time for tea and cookies. He was more interested in those beautiful horses pulling the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex than he was in the gorgeous wedding gown the Duchess wore.




6 thoughts on “Royal Weddings/An excuse for a tea party

  1. How fun! Nothing is better than an English high tea party . It’s my third royal wedding to watch. Princess Diana, Princess Kate and now Princess Meghan. We all deep down want to be a princess!!


  2. Such bright colors and stylish hats…all so appropriate for the royal wedding. I think you could easily live in London and be a Royalist!


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