Cruising & Spain/Happy to be back

F0CA4679-E721-4BFB-A949-3512BDFE5784My husband and I went on a  two week cruise which started out in Rome. The Barnard brothers, Bob, Al and Ray, have been doing this type of family reunion for several years now and we have been fortunate to be counted as part of their family for the past two journeys.  We appreciate the fellowship and look forward to more adventures on the seas. The plan was to revisit places we had been last summer like Spain and Portugal. Well, the weather had a different idea and all the ships headed that way had to be rerouted. We were so disappointed but knew our safety was way more important. The new itinerary had stops at small islands all along the way to Puerto Rico. The first couple of islands were Spanish and I felt like I’d gone home again. Hearing the Spanish language and accents and seeing familiar signs and products that I had bought last year was so fun. I now understand why my brother in law feels like he does after spending a semester there during college. If you are lucky and can to stay long enough in another place it will become like a second home to you. I fell in love with the Spanish body creams and make ups and mascaras so when I found some of the body creams I bought as many as I could carry back to the ship. My husband was already worried we would be over our weight limit but I’d have to leave something else behind before I’d give up these creams! His shoes weigh a lot, I thought to myself and after he reads his books we can leave them in the ship’s library. My tennis shoes are kinda old, they can stay on board. We’ll be using up our toothpaste and shampoos and cream rinses so no worry! And we can always hand carry our dirty clothes back!😳. Saying goodbye to Spain again was difficult but as the ship left port I knew I’d be back again someday. The ship was now headed into unfamiliar territory for me.






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