Sunflowers growing in Ooltewah, Tennessee

Smith Perry Berry sunflower farm is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with family. If you don’t loose them between the huge sunflower stalks, that is! The sunflowers I picked lasted over two weeks too. Now I need to look up recipes using sunflower seeds.

I can’t wait until fall when the fields are full of pumpkins.

Mountain Oak Tea Room in Ooltewah, Tennessee

When I decided to take my daughters and grand daughters to a Tea Room this was a perfect choice. I didn’t expect to get all the history of the area and the building the tea room is in but it was all very interesting. I did expect to have delightful tea room food and I was not disappointed at all. We did get a surprise with the fanciful tea selections like pink cotton candy and other fun choices. We had such a good time we’ve already made our reservations for their Christmas tea.

Chateaubriand with Bordelaise sauce

Wow! This recipe tastes as enchanting as it sounds. The French have a way with food and sauces that can’t be beat. Combine the Chateaubriand with the potato soufflĂ© and top both with this rich yet elegant Bordelaise sauce and you’ll think you are in the south of France. Choose your wine to match. You won’t even need dessert because you’ll be delightfully satisfied.

The French sure know how to enjoy eating.

Lavender Fields

I never knew until I went there that there are several kinds of lavender. The kind that smells so good is not the kind you cook with. The owner of The Lookout Lavender Farm tells us all about it in this video. And she’s given us several recipes to try.

Since I like lemon so well I’m going to try these Lemon-Lavender Muffins first.