Uninvited guests to our cabin in the smokies


You hear about all the animals that live in the mountains but never really see them. That was not the case this past weekend. Although they look so cuddly and cute I know not to go up to them. I’m sure they were on a mission to find food so I didn’t bother them. But we had to stop and admire their beauty for just a little while.

Adopting Nevaeh

My husband and I were foster parents to many children in the Tennessee area. We took in babies, young children and teens. We became known for working with the teenagers because a lot of foster parents don’t want them. Our own children were older and it became a mission to them as well.

One day we were called and they needed someone right then to pick up a young girl of nine and my husband agreed to go to her school after work to get her. He did and brought home this angry little red headed girl. This was the start of a continued love affair for all of us. She became our forever child.

She evidently married her high school sweetheart. They had 3 children and were/are the greatest parents any child could ask for. Partly, I think because both if their childhoods lacked what so many kids take for granted.

After their youngest daughter became 5 they decided they wanted to give back and became foster parents of their own. They received their license and talked with their own children and it became a family affair. So many times along with their children, 8, 7 and 5 years of age fostered babies under 4 years old. They would often have 2 at a time but with everyone including their children they would make it work.

One day they received a special gift. A little girl 8 days old. Of course there were courts dates and family visits and doctor appointments and social worker visits and before you knew it 2 years had passed. By now the only real family Nevaeh knew where them. All their hearts were connected by love and on September 12, 2019 in the state of Alabama. after 312 days, they were able to adopt Nevaeh. Who needs matching DNA! She is theirs and they are hers! 💜

Douglas Lake in the Smokies!


When you go to the mountains you expect to hike, camp. Shop, and go to Dollywood, but finding a lake with the mountains in the background was so exciting. They have boats and kayaks to rent. This restaurant called Cowboys on the Water in Dandridge, Tennessee is superb. Whether you choose the steaks or the seafood it is great. Music plays on Friday and Saturday nights and you can dance! So next time you go to the mountains include a day at the lake.

My favorite West Virginia Wedding


My sweet younger sister, LaDonna, died 5 years ago and now on this day, August 24, 2019, her youngest son got married. It was a perfect wedding that showed the love between them, their families and their love of West Virginia. My sister couldn’t be there in person but her influence was every where. The bride, Jennifer and the groom, Cameron honored her in so many special ways. LaDonna has the first chair as you came down the aisle with her picture and flowers and a message to her on it. Cameron worked very hard to clean up LaDonna’s old tapes so her voice could be used singing during the ceremony. As the preacher asked all of us to give our blessing a huge wind blow through rustling the leaves and we all knew it was her giving her blessing as well.

The setting was so gorgeous in the woods with an overlook that showed the true beauty of West Virginia. The guests road golf carts to get to the reception which was another beautiful area of mountains in the background. The large white tent housed the tables, food, musicians, and dance floor. And again there were sweet pictures of LaDonna at the gift table. I had the special honor of dancing the mother/son dance but I have to admit when her voice starting singing, My Valentine, Cameron and I both shed a few tears.

I’ve never been to a wedding where the bride shared her special day so unselfishly. I can’t wait to get to know her better in the many years ahead of us. LaDonna certainly would approve.