The Caribbean/Lemon Mojitos

I’ve never been a sun, sand and beach person much because I hate the heat! But since our cruise ship had to make a detour I found myself in Saint Maarten . We had to take a water taxi from the ship and I must admit the closer we got to shore the more laughter and music I heard. These people seem to have a good time at whatever they are doing. We walked the rough sidewalks and saw little shops filled with shells and bright colored wraps and bracelets of leather and wood. We saw the courthouse and went inside the little Catholic Church. Flowers are still in bloom here. But my favorite thing was when the rain came and we found an outside bar where we could sit and eat nachos and watch the rain. My husband and I watch on Netflix a show called “Death in Paradise” and We felt just like we were on the movie set. So we sat with our friends hovered under the umbrellas enjoying lemon mojitos.


Cruising & Spain/Happy to be back

F0CA4679-E721-4BFB-A949-3512BDFE5784My husband and I went on a  two week cruise which started out in Rome. The Barnard brothers, Bob, Al and Ray, have been doing this type of family reunion for several years now and we have been fortunate to be counted as part of their family for the past two journeys.  We appreciate the fellowship and look forward to more adventures on the seas. The plan was to revisit places we had been last summer like Spain and Portugal. Well, the weather had a different idea and all the ships headed that way had to be rerouted. We were so disappointed but knew our safety was way more important. The new itinerary had stops at small islands all along the way to Puerto Rico. The first couple of islands were Spanish and I felt like I’d gone home again. Hearing the Spanish language and accents and seeing familiar signs and products that I had bought last year was so fun. I now understand why my brother in law feels like he does after spending a semester there during college. If you are lucky and can to stay long enough in another place it will become like a second home to you. I fell in love with the Spanish body creams and make ups and mascaras so when I found some of the body creams I bought as many as I could carry back to the ship. My husband was already worried we would be over our weight limit but I’d have to leave something else behind before I’d give up these creams! His shoes weigh a lot, I thought to myself and after he reads his books we can leave them in the ship’s library. My tennis shoes are kinda old, they can stay on board. We’ll be using up our toothpaste and shampoos and cream rinses so no worry! And we can always hand carry our dirty clothes back!😳. Saying goodbye to Spain again was difficult but as the ship left port I knew I’d be back again someday. The ship was now headed into unfamiliar territory for me.






Asheville, NC/

9C1C4024-0FD4-4512-BF3E-A0ED717A11B3We so enjoyed our stay!💕. We would drink our coffee on the kitchen porch every morning and eat our fruit and cheese with wine in the late evenings out there with little blankets. The afternoons were spent getting to know downtown Asheville. We loved the French restaurant called Isa’s and sat outside watching the people pass by as we nibbled on small appetizers. At the little children’s shop across the street I found the sweetest things for my two littlest  grandchildren. We rode the trolley and heard all the history and funny stories the driver told. We were even lucky to see a mama bear and her cubs while riding. The driver pulled over so people could take pictures, but made us promise we wouldn’t get off the trolley.  We are going back to The Grove Park Inn for an early lunch because we heard some of the other tourist talking about how good it was. We tried and enjoyed the crepes at the Twisted Crepe. I make crepes and like to find new recipes for them. We missed the crepes at  Isa’s because they only serve them on Sunday for brunch. Oh well, next time! We walked all over the city up and down the streets over rough bricked areas eating our chocolate candy rounds. So many chocolate stores if you ran out you could just pop into another one for more. Bought a children’s book at the book store called “Goodnight Asheville” to read to my grand babies. We had coffee at the fancy McDonald’s in the Biltmore Village area because I saw that on TV years ago and heard they had a fireplace inside. ( They do!) 😘.

Goodnight Asheville until next time!




Bacon Crisps/Good for breakfast or snacks

Take out puff pastry rub with egg mixture then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese or shredded pepper jack. Use a rolling pin to push the cheese into the dough. Cut the pastry into 8 strips. Lay a piece of bacon on each piece. Twist, cut in half and brush both sides with an egg wash (1 egg to I tablespoon milk whipped together) to brown the dough. Bake in 375 degree oven on a rack sitting on top of a pan lined with foil for 30 minutes. I like to use maple, brown sugar or hickory smoked bacon.