My younger sister, LaDonna

3436A92E-2148-4ED9-BFC1-924CDDDA50D0.jpegHer name was LaDonna, and she surely lived up to her name, which in Italian means “The Lady”. She went through life abiding by the rules. She didn’t break the speed limit or  eat food past its date. She worried way more than she should have about her three boys or as the announcement of her third son said “My Three Sons”. This is her fourth birthday she in heaven. How does a young woman who exercises, eats right and has everything to live for die so young? She never took drugs or smoked, like the saying goes, “life isn’t fair”.

Eggs Benedict/My sisters signature dish


I’m not sure when Rose Carol learned how to make Eggs Benedict, all I can remember is ever since I’ve visited her in California she has made it. She serves it for most of the holiday mornings because her family insists and lucky for us she does it when we come to visit. She makes it look so easy but I’m sure by now she could make it in the dark! First she puts the melted butter and real lemon juice in the blender then she places the Canadian bacon on a pan and puts it in the oven to heat. Now she is ready to make the poached eggs. While the eggs are cooking she toasts the English muffins.  When everything is ready is puts it together and everyone enjoys eating this wonderful breakfast. The secret I think is in the sauce. I can remember my brother and I going out for breakfast one morning and since he had lived in with her in California for a while and he saw eggs Benedict on the menu his mouth started to water and he had to order it!  Well, when it came to his disappointment he took one bite and sent it back! Then he said to me  “I guess I shouldn’t have expected it to taste like Rose’s, after all she makes the best!”



Once a flourishing garden/Now just a bed of dirt

My little brother grew up to love nature. When he was here everything grew to its potential, but a year ago today it all ended. I believe that the things you enjoy on earth will be even greater when you get to heaven. So when I open those golden gates I will see gardens as far as my eyes can see. He won’t have to use his wheel chair to tend to it either. One of his favorite things to make was fresh salsa. All he did was chop onions, peppers, tomatoes and a few hot peppers together and the juices would all blend together to make a perfect salsa. Add a little salt and pepper to bring out the flavor and squeeze a lemon or lime for taste and to help hold the colors. Some fresh celantro is good, if you like it. 

Artichokes/yes, they are good to eat!


Long before there were artichoke hearts offered in salads and on pizzas and in your favorite Italian pasta dishes, my sister shared her love of this vegetable with us. While visiting from California she prepared a dinner for us. You can imagine the look on our faces when she poured these out on the counter and said “we’re having these artichokes for dinner”. We didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm but we wondered how on earth we were going to eat these strange things. It hurt your hand when you tried to pick it up.  Now this vegetable looks like a sweet green flower after being boiled for 45 minutes but before that it looked something like a pine cone. It can be prickly to touch so that is why you cut about a half inch off each leaf, cut the bottom so it can stand flat and cut an inch or so off the top. After washing it you boil it for forty five minutes with a few cloves of garlic, a bay leaf or two and some salt and pepper.


Pull off each leaf and dip it in some melted butter with seasoned salt and a dash of cayenne if you please. Turn it upside down and pull between your front teeth. The little bit of artichoke with the melted butter is marvelous. You do this until all the big leaves are gone then rub off the tiny needle like substance left (the choke) to enjoy the best part of all, the artichoke heart. You can really enjoy the large pieces left dipped in your seasoned butter.

Waldorf salad with a twist 


Leave it to my California Chef Sister to add a pear to this already deliciously good salad. So with this new idea I decided to look up information on pears. I found out that most pears come from Oregon and Washington and most varieties have a long season from August to May. So why don’t we use them more? Well when you pick them up in the produce area of grocery store they feel hard and if you were to push on them it would cause them to bruise and rot. What to do? Be patient! Buy them, bring them home and put them in a brown paper bag for a day or two then eat them like they are or use them in a variety of different recipes.


Who Doesn’t Love Dishes/Sherbet with Fruit

imageI love dishes and I think it runs in families!! My mother and sisters and daughter and daughter-in-law all love them!!  I have special occasion dishes, birthday dishes, Christmas dishes and fall and winter ones. Some dishes come with flowers and others with stripes. Of course solid dishes of all colors. But the most dearing of all are the ones passed down from my mother and grandmothers. It would be easy to put them away in a safe place and not use them but what purpose would that accomplish? My mother always said no one was more important than her family, so I took her advice and I use them. When I do, I like to share a story or a recipe from the person who owned the dishes before me. Someday, I hope, my children and then their children will do the same.

















Hot tea and tea cakes

img_7171-1I grew up in a household that loved hot tea. My maternal grandmother, Dessa Marie Tracy, enjoyed the English side of her heritage and served hot tea with sugar and cream in her prettiest tea cups every day around 3:00. Even my sister and I were allowed to drink from those cups. Coffee mugs or metal or plastic cups would never do. Grandma knew the tea would not taste the same. And you need the saucer to hold your spoon after stirring all that sugar we would add. My younger siblings continued to enjoy this treat after school with a slice of fresh homemade bread. She must have prepared early in her day to have that bread ready to come out of the oven at just the same time the school bus arrived at our door. 

These are English tea cakes that are perfectly paired with a cup of hot tea.


Grandma Dessa’s favorite Bible verse:

Jonathan Lewis Brevard

img_6417I’m sad today thinking of my brother whom  I’m sure is in heaven now. He was born on December 20,1962. He would have been 54 in a couple of months. I never knew any man or woman who loved the outdoors as he did. When he was a child growing up in Circleville, Ohio, he would play in the woods behind his parents home from the time he woke up until it was too dark to see. During those days he would discover many things he loved to share with his family like picking mushrooms and bringing them home to fry and since we knew he studied them,we knew they were not poisonous and enjoyed eating them. There was a creek back there that he would find fossils and arrow heads left from Native American Indian days and he would tell us how each piece was probably used by them. He knew all the names of the trees and flowers and where you could pick berries and nuts to bring home. He spent many hours even as a kid at the library to study these things and learn all the facts he could. As a grown man he lived all over the country making a living, just so he could experience different places. Always returning home to his beloved Ohio though. Lucky for him he had three sisters, one that lived in  California, Rose Carol, and another one, LeAnna, who lived in Tennessee and Georgia so he spent many years traveling back and forth staying until the winds would turn his head again. His third sister, LaDonna, lived in West Virginia and when he stayed in his home in Ohio he visited there often. But whatever he would do to make a living he would do it with all his heart and study every detail. When he was an exterminator he could tell you the names and habits of each bug.  Or when he was working at an antique store he could tell you what was of value and what was not. He painted for many years and taught us all unique tricks of the trade to save time and money. My brother in law, George Tomlinson, put it very well when he said Jonathan was such a free spirit he felt more comfortable with the mountains and wind and nature than he did with a room full of humanity. He was never afraid to try things like making his own maple syrup from a maple tree in his back yard but quickly found out that took way too long to produce enough for even one pancake so decided buying it would be more satisfying. His salsa made from tomatoes and peppers he grew in his garden was so good people all around wanted to buy it. And he had a version for winter time where he used canned tomatoes and dried peppers. It gave him such pride when people like his brother in law, David Yaussy complimented him in his efforts. He cooked many things over the years and was good at it all but my favorite was his London Broil. He would marinate it in a Teryaki  basted sauce just long enough and cook it to perfection so when you ate it your mouth would water for more.  He also loved fishing and would bring his catch home to share with the rest of us. When he loved he gave his heart completely. He had many deep loves including his one daughter, Jessica Ellen, with Shauna McFarland Brevard. In all that he did, he was a cautious adventurer. But he would at least try everything he could when the opportunity presented itself. One summer he and his cousin Mark Tacy lived with Rose Carol. Her California sons thought it would be fun to teach them to surf like they had grown up doing. Well, Jonathan gave it all he had but when he got caught up on an undertow and the sea finally decided to spit him out he only had half his mustache left. The sand had shaved off the other side. His humor was always present in all that he did. He was tired of being sick and sad that his pain kept him from enjoying the life he knew. He had a black and white cat that would sit in the driveway early in the mornings and watch the sun rise with him. I haven’t seen that cat since Jonathan died on Saturday October 8, 2016. He was the inspiration and knowledge of so many of my blogs. What am I going to do now?