Holiday Taco Salad/ oops

IMG_7707.PNGDuring one of our holidays my friend, Jill Bright and I decided to make our taco salad more festive. We cut the pretty green lettuce in small pieces, chopped the brilliant red tomatoes and sweet onions.  Had bowls of black olives and ripe avocados with lots of fancy shredded cheddar cheese. We had both hot and mild salas on hand. Mexican bowls to serve it in and we were ready for a lovely evening with family and friends. Set the salad with all it’s choice toppings by the fresh tortillas chips and all the cokes you could drink.  One thing was lacking!!  Sour cream!!  So as we got it out, we thought, why not color one red and one green for more holiday fun!!  Oh boy, was that a mistake. Instead of increasing people’s appetite that about ruined the evening!! The look of that sour cream made our stomachs do a flip!!  We had to remove it and go buy more sour cream right away and serve it as it comes-white!!  Well we learned our lesson, never mess with something that is already good the way it is. 🥑🌶

Thanksgiving/Baked Sweet Potatoes


The garden is empty now except for the sweet potatoes hiding underneath the dirt. After washing and baking them in the oven for an hour at 400 degrees I let them cool just long enough to pull off the potato peel without getting burned.  Then I sliced them, put a lot of butter slices on them and added brown sugar and a kiss of cinnamon. Because some people at the table don’t like nuts I only add them to half the baking dish. Cover with foil and baked until all is melted and warm. Perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner.

Halloween/Devilish eggs

Pinterest is wonderful and I use it all the time.  To make these eggs you boil for ten minutes. Cool then take out the yellow part, mash to make small crumbs then sit aside. Mix mayonnaise with a few drops of mustard then add small diced sweet pickles. Add a little salt and pepper and taste. Add more of what you think it needs then mix again. You add this mixture to the egg crumbles till the texture is how youblije it. Not too dry, yet not too runny. Put this mixture into the white eggs then make whatever you want on top. Spiders were perfect for Halloween.🕷🕷🕷

And don’t forget the apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallows!

Easter/ Mother’s Holiday Egg Casserole

image.jpegEaster in our home was very important because of the Christian meaning behind it. We grew up knowing how Jesus sacrificed his life for us. We went to church and Sunday school wearing our new Easter dresses including Easter bonnets and shiny new shoes. We sang all the familiar  songs telling us of how Jesus arose from the dead and how that big heavy rock in front of the tomb just rolled away. They were happy songs and the choir always did such a good job after practicing for months preparing for this glorious day. Often mother would be playing the piano or organ and daddy would be up on stage with his Hawaiian electric guitar. Spring flowers including Easter lilies were everywhere. Sometimes my sister and I would have singing duets and as the years went by our voices improved and we could sound like the Lennon sisters the way our voices blended. It must have something to do with being related. That mysterious bunny must have gotten the solid chocolate rabbits and chicks from our paternal grandfather since he was a chocolate candy maker because it sure did have that Brevard Candy Kitchen taste. With Easter Sunday being so busy mother would make this egg casserole ahead of time so she could pop it in the oven and everyone would help themselves to breakfast. Basically you lightly scramble eggs in one skillet and make a chip beef gravy with or without mushrooms in another skillet. Layer the gravy with the eggs in the middle put it in the refrigerator  or freezer and it’s ready when you are.image.jpeg

A New Christmas Tradition

 After buying the cabin, the cleaning began. We called out to friends and family to help dust and scrub and move in any extra furniture and kitchen supplies anyone had. This will be a retreat for all to share so everyone willingly participated.

While cleaning we decided to go check out the area under the cabin. Among the hot water heaters and pipes and several empty beer cans and bottles and wires and support poles we saw a large black garbage bag. It was covered in dirt and sitting on the dirt foundation.  My daughter, Heather, who never passes up a challenge crawled back as far as she could, being short herself helped, and pulled this large bag out. I especially was nervous when she untied and opened the bag. What if there was a mouse inside or worse,  a whole nest!! When we saw it was greenery we decided to take it to the back porch upstairs and see what else this magical bag held.  To our delight it was a whole Christmas tree. As she pulled and tugged out came old fashioned big tree lights, also covered in mud, and a few homemade ornaments. Heather being a nurse immediately made me throw them away because of mildew but we did keep one and left it outside for a pattern that some day we’ll use as a Christmas craft project. She went to work putting the tree together without instructions and I started washing the old lights. Before long the tree was up and we even found a bow and ribbon that didn’t need too much help. Most of the lights worked when plugged in and now we are ready for Christmas at the cabin too! It’s fun to bring new life into old things.

At this time of year we are reminded more than any other time of our promise to of a new life. God sent his only son to be born for our sakes. Merry Christmas everyone!