Fall Friendly Taco Soup/

Even in Florida they have fall, well sort of anyway.  Grandma Thelma, as all the kids call  her if they are related or not, had a big crock pot full of this tasty taco soup when we all arrived from north Georgia. After driving nine hours the smell alone had the kids gathering around the table before she could even ask them to do so. All the toppings were sitting in bowls so each person to choose what they liked best or do like me and use them all! Try this and you won’t be disappointed. This recipe is good for you with all the beans and tomatoes. Leave the chips in their bowl if your watching your carbs. 🍁


Don’t you just love small towns?/Oviedo,Florida


On a recent visit to Oviedo, Florida to see my childhood friend, Thelma McFarland Taylor, we went into town. And what a fun little town is it. Beautiful feathered chickens of all colors run around everywhere. The reason I’ve been told is that when they tore down an old building that used to be a restaurant in which they used its own eggs it distroyed the little chicken coop too. Well, they all felt so bad that the leaders of the town allowed the chickens to remain as honorary citizens and the eggs they lay are in lieu of paying taxes, I guess. So roam they do. Oviedo has antique shops, second hand stores, tea rooms and even a Panera Bread. So our afternoon was full of shopping and eating. We came home with bright red dishes that were so cheap I couldn’t pass them up! Thelma and I neither one need more dishes, but how could we resist!! Well, we didnt!

Here is a recipe from one of the Tea Rooms there.


PS. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the chicken soup off the menu but I’m sure they didn’t use any of the  chickens that walk around town!! 😳

Chili when it’s chilly!


With the weather turning cold the best thing to do is make chili. This is a very fast and easy recipe to fix. How spicy it is depends on the ro-tel you pick. Serve with fritos or crackers. Here in the south, Chickamauga,Georgia at the school and church functions they make peanut butter sandwiches without the jelly! Anyway you get used to it and the taste begins to grow on you.


The thrill of Pumpkin Show goes on the whole month of October/Pumpkin pork sandwiches and pumpkin soup 

 Mother, Anna Lee Brevard, had lived in Circleville, Ohio since about 1950 and had seen the Pumpkin Show parades every year. She had helped many times with preparations like when the Girl Scouts and Brownie troops walked in the parades and she helped her children get ready. When I was Miss Circleville in 1966 she was instrumental in finding me a car from the Moats car dealership to ride on the front of during the parade.  She also helped any student who asked and many times put in hours when her church had a float in the parade. So it only seemed fitting when she was 80 and had never been in the parade herself to let her have this thrill. Mom was so willing to carry our dog, Chief Jack, in the pet parade. She said she couldn’t walk that far so we used a wheel chair from Hands For The Disabled, bless their hearts! And since some of Mom’s heritage is Indian it all seemed appropriate. We all dressed up as an Indian tribe and took turns pushing her. She waved to every student as she saw them and was extremely proud to be a part of the Circleville Pumpkin Show. She came in second place as I remember, to boot!

Here are a couple of her favorite Pumpkin Show recipes.

   This pumpkin soup is like a bisque. It’s so smooth and creamy and the delicate taste of pumpkin is perfect. Top with sour cream and add a touch of sherry if you dare. This recipe came from the page 51 from the Pumpkin Show cook book printed in 1975.


Sharing Blackbean Soup and Meatball Stew Again!!

  Here is Heather Atkinson with her Ella, 11 and Callie, 9 making the meatball stew from the blog dated January 22, 2015.

I’m so excited to see young mothers teaching their children to cook and especially excited to see they are using this blog as a cookbook!! Thank you so much!!  Linda McKinney Blake and her three little ones, Annalee, 6, Aidan 4 and Lillian 2, all helped to make the Blackbean soup from the blog dated October 25, 2014. And incidentally Annalee made this for her school and won $100 to use in her school library!! Congratulations Annalee!!


There once was a boy named Jon,
Whose interests were far out and beyond.
The library he loved as he studied and read,
Many hours spent inside as thoughts filled his head.
With all he had learned, he wanted to plant and grow.
Using his hands, he carefully perfected each row
Planting potatoes, kale, tomatoes and Swiss chard
He loved it so dearly, no gardening was ever too hard
He learned and he worked and his passion grew,
Gardening so much he could make a good stew.
As he mastered his art his interests increased,
Preparing recipe after recipe, perfecting techniques.
Pretty soon it was evident, he could cook anything
From Fajita’s to Thai to delicious French Cuisine.



It is ok to recruit help when making the meatballs from scratch. Here is Deedy Marie Crowley, 20 months, already familiar with cooking duties!




I like my soups and stews to have plenty of juice. So just before I put this stew in the oven I add 1-2 cups of water and the rest of the packages of the dry soup mix and gravy together, mix well and add it to the pot.

Thank you, Brenda Touchstone, for perfecting my poem.