The Lady Lake Library, Florida

I was so impressed with this library and the people running it. They do so many things for the children of the area. They teach them songs with signing, work on colors and shapes and make everything fun. Laura, the lady in charge reads fun books to them and they just laugh and laugh. When you hear about “The Villages” all you hear is how the older people ride around on golf carts and play games all day but now I know it’s not true. A lot of the women volunteer here and it does make a difference in these children’s lives.

Chateaubriand with Bordelaise sauce

Wow! This recipe tastes as enchanting as it sounds. The French have a way with food and sauces that can’t be beat. Combine the Chateaubriand with the potato soufflé and top both with this rich yet elegant Bordelaise sauce and you’ll think you are in the south of France. Choose your wine to match. You won’t even need dessert because you’ll be delightfully satisfied.

The French sure know how to enjoy eating.

The AppleBarn Restaurant in The Smoky Mountains

The setting is perfect for these restaurants and shops. They were built right beside the Little Pigeon River and we can hear the water running over the tops of big rocks there. There are trees and birds all over the property. The big country store has anything you can imagine with apples on it or in it and even apples themselves to buy. A new fun store has hard cider with many different flavors to try. After eating your meal you can find the candy and ice cream stores very satisfying too. Have fun and make it an evening not just a meal.