Royal Weddings/An excuse for a tea party

Ella, one of my granddaughters, was so excited to see the Royal wedding of Harry and Meghan that she set her alarm for 4:00 a.m. so she wouldn’t miss any of the beginning preparations. The rest of us decided to video it and watch it while we had an English Tea lunch, complete with pimento cheese, egg salad, and cucumber and tomato sandwiches, crust off, of course.  The lunch was capped with short bread cookies Heather, my daughter, made from a recipe she got from her Aunt LaDonna. Granddaughter Callie helped with moving a table in front of the TV. And fitting the occasion, she crowned it with a lace tablecloth and their best china. Ella prepared the Earl Gray tea which was left steeping in the pot as we donned our grandmother’s finest hats and turned on the recording of the wedding. Ella was just as excited to see it for the second time and was happy to narrate  to us so we wouldn’t miss anything. Henry, my little grandson, slept through most of it but woke up at the last minute, just in time for tea and cookies. He was more interested in those beautiful horses pulling the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex than he was in the gorgeous wedding gown the Duchess wore.




My planned leftovers/Chicken, tomato and asparagus quiche’

When I’m making a meal I often plan to make extra to use for another dish. This quiche’ is an example. All of the ingredients came from meals fixed earlier in the week. The baked asparagus was this time chopped into small pieces and put on the bottom of my quiche’ dish along with left over chicken. I cut up a few small fresh tomatoes and topped with a couple handfuls of mozzarella cheese. I whipped six eggs with about a cup of half and half, salt and pepper and a little paprika. Poured on top of the rest of the ingredients and baked at 375 degrees for 40 minutes or until the liquid in the middle closes up. You don’t want to over bake.

Egg Cups/No Carbs

Since we happen to have a generous supply of eggs from our happy, healthy roaming chickens I’m always looking for more recipes using eggs. This morning I fixed baked eggs in muffin tins. First spray the muffin pan with your favorite oil, then line each tin with pepperoni or Canadian bacon or ham. Then break an egg into the pan and top with tomato slices and basil. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes. It’s that simple. You can add cheese if you like and other toppings. This can be fun to let your guests make their own too just the way they want it. We had it for breakfast with our coffee but brunch is good also.

Spicy Fried Pork Chops/Hot Peppers



Last Summer one of my Ohio friends, Joy Limbach, gave me these hot peppers from her garden. They are called Scotch Bonnet and hotter than blazes! It only takes one for a pot of chili and two if you’re very brave. I used as many as I could when I first got them and then put them in the freezer. I had forgotten about them until today. I was fixing pork chops for dinner and decided I’d put the peppers in the oil while I fried them. Just in case the freezer had taken away some of the heat I used three! Then I made gravy from the dripping to pour over the rice. These peppers should maybe come with a warning!! No heat had escaped during the freezing of these peppers. I had to open all the windows and doors, put on my glasses and if I had a gas mask I would have used it! But my family raved about the delicious chops!! This was a great way to use these peppers and I will do it again. Warning… DO NOT EAT THE COOKED PEPPERS!!   Throw them away..🔥

My wonderful niece, Alycia/Baked Scampi

39CB89F3-574E-497C-BA4C-B6B0BBD08EE7After many years of raising two very energetic little boys my sister, Rose Carol, had a precious baby girl. She called her Alycia Marie. I’m not sure where the Alycia part came from but I know Marie came from our maternal grandmother, Dessa Marie Tracy.  Alycia grew up not in the shadows of her older brothers but very independent and capable of doing whatever she set her mind to. Along with this strong personality though she has this sweet gentle feminine side that matches her mother. Even with her living in California and us living way on the other side of the country we have managed to be together almost every year and when we do it’s for a week or two or three….so we’re very lucky to know each other well.  On my last trip west she had us come to her house where we shared a meal from one of her favorite chefs, Barefoot Contessa , called baked shrimp scampi. It was a perfect evening between the sounds of enjoying the meal and the laughter that is always present when our family finally gets together again and we catch each other up on all the happenings of our lives since we were together last.

My younger sister, LaDonna

3436A92E-2148-4ED9-BFC1-924CDDDA50D0.jpegHer name was LaDonna, and she surely lived up to her name, which in Italian means “The Lady”. She went through life abiding by the rules. She didn’t break the speed limit or  eat food past its date. She worried way more than she should have about her three boys or as the announcement of her third son said “My Three Sons”. This is her fourth birthday she in heaven. How does a young woman who exercises, eats right and has everything to live for die so young? She never took drugs or smoked, like the saying goes, “life isn’t fair”.