Sunflowers growing in Ooltewah, Tennessee

Smith Perry Berry sunflower farm is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with family. If you don’t loose them between the huge sunflower stalks, that is! The sunflowers I picked lasted over two weeks too. Now I need to look up recipes using sunflower seeds.

I can’t wait until fall when the fields are full of pumpkins.

The AppleBarn Restaurant in The Smoky Mountains

The setting is perfect for these restaurants and shops. They were built right beside the Little Pigeon River and we can hear the water running over the tops of big rocks there. There are trees and birds all over the property. The big country store has anything you can imagine with apples on it or in it and even apples themselves to buy. A new fun store has hard cider with many different flavors to try. After eating your meal you can find the candy and ice cream stores very satisfying too. Have fun and make it an evening not just a meal.