My brother, Jonathan, has always loved plants. It started when he was very young and would go into the woods behind our house and stay for hours. He would come back with all sorts of things from berries to mushrooms. As the years passed his knowledge grew from reading everything he could get his hands on about fruits and vegetables. He grew cantaloupes from drying his own seeds and heirloom tomatoes he would special order. The whole neighborhood wanted his tomatoes since they tasted so unusually flavorful and wanted to know his secret. When asked he would talk as if they were human and say things like “Don’t over water the plants that will cause the roots to rot and wait till they bow their heads and ask.” Or “It helps the roots to become stronger when they have to grow deep in search of water.”  Having a green thumb didn’t run in the family . I’m lucky though because I still get to enjoy his! Here is a picture of just one of his tomato plants.


Brandon Yaussy, one of my nephews, loves the Caprese Salad so this is for you!


Fresh mozzarella
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh Basil

Make layers in any design you like. Sprinkle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. Put in refrigerator till ready to serve.


  1. I remember the huge beautiful tomato Jonathan grew in Chattanooga. Always wished I could grow plants like Jonathan but so far no luck! You are blessed with such tomatoes!!!


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