Memorial Day/Wine Slush

My friend Livia and her twin brother Henry get together several times a year to hang out, even though they live in different towns and I think that’s very special. We all get so busy with our lives that it’s easy to not do the most important things like getting together with family. It must bring out the kid in them because they ride their golf cart through water sprinklers when he comes to visit and Henry can still carry Livia on his back like they did many years ago when they lived in Germany, where they were born. I enjoy hearing Livia tell the stories of her youth which is much different from my own. Being a twin is so unusual, unless you are one. I’m glad I know these two.


Livia was gracious to share her wine slush recipe with us to use today. And you can use any fruit you like. Even sangria would be great with a variety of fruits.


A new frozen popsicle/Dill or sweet?

It’s fun living in the south where at all the baseball games you can suck on dill pickle juice that has been frozen. Sometimes you can even get frozen sweet pickle juice. I think dill is the best though. It is beginning to make a splash on Pinterest now too. The other day I saw frozen dill popsicles rolled in dry kool aid. Haven’t tried that one yet! So next time you eat all your pickles from a jar, don’t throw out the juice!! Make popsicles instead. Your kids or grandkids will love it!! And if your name happens to be Yaussy you are born to enjoy these!! 💕

Artichokes/yes, they are good to eat!


Long before there were artichoke hearts offered in salads and on pizzas and in your favorite Italian pasta dishes, my sister shared her love of this vegetable with us. While visiting from California she prepared a dinner for us. You can imagine the look on our faces when she poured these out on the counter and said “we’re having these artichokes for dinner”. We didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm but we wondered how on earth we were going to eat these strange things. It hurt your hand when you tried to pick it up.  Now this vegetable looks like a sweet green flower after being boiled for 45 minutes but before that it looked something like a pine cone. It can be prickly to touch so that is why you cut about a half inch off each leaf, cut the bottom so it can stand flat and cut an inch or so off the top. After washing it you boil it for forty five minutes with a few cloves of garlic, a bay leaf or two and some salt and pepper.


Pull off each leaf and dip it in some melted butter with seasoned salt and a dash of cayenne if you please. Turn it upside down and pull between your front teeth. The little bit of artichoke with the melted butter is marvelous. You do this until all the big leaves are gone then rub off the tiny needle like substance left (the choke) to enjoy the best part of all, the artichoke heart. You can really enjoy the large pieces left dipped in your seasoned butter.