Winter and Hargus Lake/Fondue

image  I remember Hargus Lake. It was about a mile behind our home so in the summer we could walk there. I babysat two of the sweetest little Wilson girls and their parents would allow me to take them to the lake and rent the rowboats. As a mother and now grandmother I’m surprised they trusted me with doing that, but they did and we were extremely careful wearing our life vests and all! We spent many afternoon hours rowing and singing the Peter, Paul and Mary’s favorite “we’ll sing in the sunshine, we’ll laugh everyday”🎶🎶. And our best packed lunch was bologna and cheese with mayonnaise. Something I never had at home so it was a treat for me on those summer afternoons.  The ducks would join us and swim along the side of the boat. Occasionally we could see a fish or two, probably because of the pieces of bread we’d drop overboard. But as much as I enjoyed the summers, the winters were even more special. It’s hard for me to imagine now, since I live in Georgia, that this lake would freeze over. Freeze hard enough to skate on. Hargus Lake in Circleville, Ohio became more enchanting than the ice skating rink in New York City. I want to thank whoever was in charge of putting the barrel with the wood to burn in during those cold winter evenings while ice skating around it. Couples would unite and ice skate holding onto each other, not necessarily for support! 💕 But with the cold weather and ice everywhere there would be a lot of hugging to keep warm and of course you could skate up to the burning barrel. The Canadian geese don’t leave for the winter so they would still be around but most of the other wild life was gone.  After all this skating you build up an appetite so if you didn’t go get a Vic’s pizza on South Court, this Italian fondue recipe was easy and fun. Try it. You will be glad you did!image