Cinnamon Rolls Anyone?

I selected my grandson, Austin, who is 13, to help me with these rolls. He likes cooking and eating so it’s a great combination. The recipe is found on most flour bags but here is a simple one I follow.

   Most of the time I measure out everything early, even the day before sometimes, then it’s easier to put together without all the other ingredients out. Mix up the dough and put on the coffee while it rises.

David Yaussy, my brother in law in West Virginia, makes these cinnamon rolls when the family gets together. When his sons went off to college one of the first questions they called and asked was “Hey, Dad, how do you make those cinnamon rolls?”  One by one, he has three, he has taught them how to fix them. So I guess this is it a Yaussy Family tradition and my grandson, Austin,  has always felt he was part Yaussy. He has always liked following in his big cousins foot prints. Here is Brandon Yaussy enjoying his Dad’s caramel rolls! Just another version of the same sweet roll recipe.

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