Tie a yellow ribbon round the old “suitcase” 🎢

IMG_9043.JPGMy mother taught me to always tie a bright ribbon on the handle of your suitcase so when all the other suitcases come circling around the baggage area, you can spot yours right away. So I left for Spain twelve hours ago with a checkered yellow and white ribbon on my bright red suitcase. My granddaughter, Callie insisted I take her backpack with lavender colored straps too. She said I needed it because it would be easier to use as my carry on going through the airports. Since I’ve never used a backpack before she gave me a lesson on how to carry it on my back and lock the ties pulling it just tight enough to be safe and still comfortable. I also found a black purse with lots of room to hold way more things than I’d ever want to carry through Europe and it came with black fringes. Can’t beat all that for $5.00 at my local Goodwill store.Β 

I wasn’t looking forward to the nine hour flight from Atlanta, Georgia to Madrid, Spain but the attendants were very nice and they served dinner as soon as we were cleared.Β  With eating, two movies and a few short naps we were landing in Spain. I was nervous but the signs easily directed me to baggage, and right outside the airport door stood my driver and his girlfriend holding up my name in big print. They couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Spanish so we were a fine duo. But with the English to Spanish app my husband put on my phone we communicated just fine. The girls who are exchanging houses with me set these kind people up and I will ever be so greatful! The couple were friendly and happy and loved dogs! Β They have four and stopped to pet all the other dogs they met everywhere we stopped.

The drive was three hours with a stop for coffee once. I tried to stay awake and see the scenery as we rode but I fell asleep often and missed most of it. I did see olive trees growing everywhere and a lot of the land looked like desert. The desert has its own beauty though and people adjust toΒ it. I think that’s why they eat so late. After dark is when you see the people, and restaurants don’t even open until eight or nine. I guess I’ll learn to take siestas so I don’t miss dinner!

When I arrived at their house they had lunch already prepared, paella, a rice dish with spices and tomatoes and others things in it. And for supper, after having sangria with tapas during our late afternoon walk, my new friend’s mother fixed a Spanish omelet. Its a lot like our quiches but fixed in a skillet without cheese.

So for now I think the only thing I need to concern myself with is when is it too early to have my sangria and can I stay awake late enough so I don’t miss dinner!

14 thoughts on “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old “suitcase” 🎢

    • I am but I have lots of family joining me at various times. I did a house exchange with our cabin in Sevierville so no money involved!! How could I pass this up? I got here early so they could show me how to use things like the toilet and stove!! Ha!! Just a few important things like that!😊


  1. I always tie a turquoise and pink polka dot ribbon on my suitcases when we fly, so easy to spot. The food sounds wonderful, know you will be posting us recipes before long.

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  2. Love this blog, LeAnna! So thankful you are having this adventure- can’t wait to have a touch of adventure with you!!! Sounds like you are receiving blessings of others helping you after you spending all your life helping others- so thankful!!!πŸ’•

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    • Seems so! I know I will get home sick at some point but with friends and family coming at different times I’ll make it. There is so much to see and do but one step at a time!! πŸ’•


  3. Ahoy Cuz!
    Wow. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy it for the culture and learning new ways. Try everything that is new and different. You will be all the better for it. Enjoy, relax, and Get you Spanish On!
    Love Ya,

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